Absolut and Ocean Spray Are Launching a Vodka Cranberry Canned Cocktail

Somehow, one of the simplest cocktails to make just got even easier to enjoy.

Vodka and cranberry juice are a duo that just works, like the peanut butter and jelly of the cocktail world. Elegant in its simplicity, it’s a two-ingredient drink that’s already fairly simple to make, but Absolut thought it would cut out any muss or fuss by partnering with cran brand Ocean Spray on a new canned cocktail line.

According to a press release, the new canned cocktail will be available to consumers in early 2024. The cocktail is comprised of Absolut, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, sparkling water for a bit of fizz, and other unspecified natural flavors. Fans will be able to pick up either an 8-pack, a 4-pack, or single cans.

"Ocean Spray's cranberry heritage is bringing real juice credentials to the spirits category," Monisha Dabek, the Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager, USA, at Ocean Spray, shared in the release. "We're excited to bring to life a longstanding consumer favorite pour, Vodka + Cran, and are incredibly excited to collaborate with the Absolut and Pernod Ricard USA teams to delight consumers into the future."

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And really, this is just the pinnacle of an already long-standing relationship between the brands, and the ingredients. According to Vintage American Cocktails, the first recorded mention of the cocktail was in 1945 in the Cranberry Canners Inc. Newsletter. Though back then, the cocktail was known by a different name.

“In the continental atmosphere of Pierre’s on 52 East 53rd Street, New York, the ultra-American cranberry juice is always on the menu … The restaurateur, Pierre Ferro, is also a cranberry grower and a member of the NCA,” the newsletter read. “With cranberry juice, he adds vodka, a dash of fresh lime and he comes up with a Red Devil cocktail.”

And though the name didn’t quite stick, the idea did.

"Absolut and cranberry juice are among the most popular drinks with our consumers and now we are making it easier than ever with two powerhouse brands coming together," Reshma Dhati, Senior Brand Director of Marketing at Absolut, shared. "We're making delicious, quality drinks that are hassle-free so hosts can relax and enjoy the moment, while also making them easy to enjoy on the go."

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