All aboard the "sex bus," Tuca & Bertie returns on Adult Swim this June

Matt Schimkowitz
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Tuca & Bertie
Tuca & Bertie

Two years after its surprise, shocking, and to some, offensive cancelation by Netflix, Tuca & Bertie is coming back this summer. After Netflix decided that the show that everyone seemed to like was not worth the money, the Tuca & Bertie hive rallied around the show on social media, hoping to squeeze another couple of episodes out of the streaming service that gave The Ranch four seasons. Luckily, Adult Swim came a-knockin’.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been about a year since Adult Swim decided to pick up the show. We were so young back then. So innocent. So trusting that the pandemic would be over any day now. Thankfully, it looks like Adult Swim has put Tuca & Bertie back together in the correct order. Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong return as Tuca the toucan and Bertie the song thrush, respectively, along with series creator and BoJack Horseman-alum Lisa Hanawalt. And yes, it still feels bizarre that Netflix would cancel a show starring two of the most well-liked comedians in America and created by one of the architects of one of its signature cartoons, but the algorithm has mysterious demands. It’s even stranger now considering how fast Steven Yuen’s IMDb star-meter is rising. Well, their loss is Adult Swim’s gain, and what they’re gaining is an Oscar nominee.

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The show looks like it hasn’t missed a beat, though, with Bertie still in therapy and Tuca driving something called the “Sex Bus.” So if you’re into a show about an introverted song thrush watching pottery fails and an extroverted toucan piloting some sort of intercourse-based public transit vehicle, this is a dream come true. The second season begins on June 13 at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim.