Is ABC Developing ‘The Golden Bachelorette’? Here’s What We Know

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The Golden Bachelor has captured the hearts of viewers everywhere. Although it’s the same format as the original ABC show, the stories are more heartwarming than ever before. Fans have tuned in week after week to witness Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s journey to find love after loss. With the finale set to air on November 30, there’s only one question on our mind: Will there be a Golden Bachelorette?

Keep scrolling for details.

1. Will There be a Golden Bachelorette?

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Unfortunately, ABC hasn’t confirmed if there will be a Golden Bachelorette after The Golden Bachelor. However, host Jesse Palmer is hopeful about the possibility.

“As the show goes on, you learn more about these women, what they’ve been through,” he told TODAY. “I think there’s going to be a swell in support of there being a Golden Bachelorette. That’s my personal opinion.”

“I can’t speak on behalf of executives or anybody else, obviously,” Palmer continued. “I’m sure everyone’s waiting to see how this one goes first. But I know there are thousands of women across America deserving of that.”

2. Who Will be the Golden Bachelorette?

ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Well, ABC hasn’t even confirmed the spin-off. But if we had to guess, we think there are a few contenders.

First, there’s Joan. She was a frontrunner in the beginning, but after a family emergency, she chose to leave the show early. Perhaps this is a perfect opportunity to give her the second chance she deserves. There’s also April. Although she was eliminated in week four, she stole America's heart with her zesty personality.

Once The Golden Bachelor is over, we’ll probably add the runner-ups to the list of possibilities.

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