Abby Lee Miller Just Shaded Kenzie Ziegler and Made Fun Of Her Singing Career

Carolyn Twersky
Photo credit: Jennifer Lourie - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jennifer Lourie - Getty Images

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Abby Lee Miller just totally came for Dance Moms alum Kenzie Ziegler unsolicited and the 16-year-old isn't happy about it. In an episode of Abby's YouTube show, "Ask Abby," she made a remark about Kenzie's music career, showing her distaste for it.

The former Dance Moms star and infamous dance instructor has not been making a lot of friends lately. Just over a month after she had to apologize for her past racist remarks, Abby is once again coming under fire, this time for making fun of one of her former star pupils.

On "Ask Abby" season eight star Pressley Hosbach got a chance to give her opinion while putting former members of the show on "the pyramid." Back in the heyday of Dance Moms, Abby used this rubric to let the girls know how they were stacking up against each other. In the video, Pressley ranked both new and old members of the Abby Lee Dance Company while Abby gave commentary on her decisions.

Pressley chose to put Kenzie fourth to last on the pyramid, citing her "sickled feet" as the reasoning.

"Well, she's not a dancer remember. She's a 'singer,'" Abby said about Pressley's decision, making hand quotation marks when she said "singer."

The clip, which originally aired on YouTube in June, was put on drama Instagram channel the TikTokRoom on Thursday, which is seemingly where Kenzie saw it for the first time. Unsurprisingly, she wasn't impressed by her former instructor's comment.

"Love when people can't keep my name out of their mouth just to stay relevant," she commented.

Kenzie has been making music for a while now. She released her debut album, Mack Z in 2014, with a followup album, Phases in 2018. Most recently, Kenzie released her single, "Exhale," featuring Sia.

Kenzie's mom, Melissa Gisoni, wasn't happy with Abby's comment either. "Nice that a grown adult can still try to bully a kid," she commented on the post. "Grow the hell up!"

Abby Lee has not responded to Kenzie or Melissa.

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