Abandoned Baby Squirrel Instantly Takes to Kind Man and Refuses to Leave His Side

Why doesn't anything cool like this happen to us?

We LIKE to think we are good people. We love animals, we donate and volunteer to and at shelters, we pet random dogs with permission of their owners and we leave out snackies and bird food for random neighborhood wildlife.. so why doesn't anything this COOL happen to people like us?

Today we are all super jealous of TikTok user @Walkerwhited who was just minding his own business and randomly was the recipient of the cutest little bonus buddy ever. Just watch and see if you get jealous too.

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So where exactly do we sign up for this baby squirrel distribution system? This little guy is just too adorable! We want one! We aren't the only ones and TikTok user @Rodney comments, "He has chosen you. You must accept." @TimothyObryan adds, "I would be ecstatic if I made friends with a squirrel! They're awesome." Us too! @Justlooking replies, "Looks like you got full custody now."

Here's an update video!

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He tries to let the baby explore the yard and the baby is just not having it! We agree with @Anotherprinceofhellbeth who says, "As it gets older it will venture out more. It trusts you so you have made a friend for life. Don't waste this opportunity."

And because we cannot get enough of this whole situation, another video!

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Now if you'll excuse us, we are going to spend all weekend outside hoping a baby squirrel chooses us. This guy became a Disney princess without even trying!

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