Will Aaron Rodgers throw over 2.5 touchdowns?

FFL Flash Alert - The experts of Fantasy Football Live debate whether Aaron Rodgers will complete more or less than 2.5 touchdowns.

Video Transcript

- All right. Aaron Rodgers, he's on fire right now. He's looking like he's in the middle of his prime. It's great. And the quarterback on the other side of the field on Sunday not so much looking that way in Drew Brees. Should be an exciting game here this week. The line that we're going for, our next over-under is Aaron Rodgers, 2.5 touchdowns. And I'll start here. It's not that I'm, you know, pessimistic about Aaron Rodgers this week. But I am going to take the under on this line. Only because, I mean, it's just a lot to ask. Like, three touchdowns is a lot to ask. And I think the biggest question with the Saints right now is, yeah, I mean, Drew Brees is cooked. Great. Wonderful. We all accept that. Now we have to wonder, is this defense going to be good enough to carry the Saints to where they still want to go? Even if their quarterback is compromised. That, I think, is a big question. I still have faith in their personnel, especially those outside cornerbacks in Cameron Jordan and the guys up front. But I will take the under here. I still have a decent amount of respect for the Saints defense, even if they got worked over by Darren Waller last week. Tank, are you with me or are you going over here?

- I am going under with the man with the best hair on the internet. I mean, I think it's pretty simple to me. When I looked at the stats from last year, Aaron Rodgers only had 2.5 or more touchdowns three times the entire season last year. So now we have a game where there's no Davante Adams. Drew Brees doesn't have Can't Guard Mike on the other side. So where are we going to get that push to, you know, have guys sling the ball up and down the field to get points on the board and all that stuff? So I feel like, even though Aaron Rodgers has a decent match-up here, with no Davante Adams, and having to lean on those young wide receivers, and them trying to stack the run for Aaron Jones, I think it's a low-scoring game and he doesn't get there. Under.

- All right, Minty. Are we bringing out the broom? Is this a sweep here? This is what a broom looks like, by the way. This is it.

- We are bringing out the broom. I'm also on the under. I hate to say it, but I think he gets exactly two touchdowns. This Saints defense has to step it up coming back to the Superdome. So I think it's going to be easy. Under.