A24 Just Dropped a Line of 'Priscilla' Merch, and It's Just as Glam as We Would Expect

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For all the fangirls.



A24 has evolved past being just a production company, it's a cultural phenomenon with thousands of devoted fans. The indie brand turned media juggernaut and Oscars mainstay has churned out almost every memorable film of the past decade, including Everything Everywhere All At Once, Uncut Gems, Midsommar, The Whale; and their most recent release, Priscilla, is already shaping up to be part of their legacy.

The company is known for taking an untraditional approach to marketing their films, including creating cool merch that perfectly reflects the essence of the film. Of course, their brand-new collection for the adaptation of Priscilla Presley's memoir Elvis and Me was no different.

<p>Half Magic</p>

Half Magic

Perhaps the most exciting of the drop is an eyeliner set that helps you recreate Priscilla's iconic winged eye look. A collaboration between the film and A24's in-house makeup brand Half Magic (just another example of their innovation), the kit is a three-piece set which includes a black eyeliner, mascara, and a star-shaped tool to help you create the perfect wing every time.

To compliment the eye kit which dropped earlier this month, A24 just also released a collection of apparel that goes above and beyond the expected merch, as the brand perfectly encapsulated the feminine feel of the film.



The collection includes three shirts and two sweatshirts, and each of them brings something a little different to the table. The crewneck sweatshirts ($80) are the simplest of the bunch, coming in a light blue colorway and a dark gray. Each is embroidered with the name "Priscilla" on the front in the same cursive font as the movie poster. Then, on the back, there's a large white flower graphic featuring director Sofia Coppola's name, as well as the stars Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi. 

The most eye-catching of the bunch is the baby tee ($45). The white shirt has a bedazzled "Priscilla" on the front in the same swirling cursive. Then, on the back, it features the same floral design as the sweaters.



The final two T-shirts have a classic boxy fit. Each has a Polaroid picture printed on the front of the garment—the baby blue design ($40) features the actors recreating the Presley's iconic wedding photo. The light yellow version ($40) features a close-up shot of Priscilla's heels standing next to music notes on the floor of Graceland. Instead of a floral design, each of the shirts has the film's logo on the back.

The entire collection is available for purchase now on shop.a24films.com.

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