A to Zee #1: Chic to Talk Back


In the world of fashion, we love declaratives. You know: Cara is the new Kate, orange is the new black, flats are the new heels. But my personal favorite is…September is the new January. It’s back to school, back to work, back to Fashion Week. It’s that time of year when everything is new (again!) Another season, a new look, a fresh start.

I remember when I was a kid, I dreaded Labor Day Mondays because it meant the fun of summer was over and it would be back to a classroom full of other kids I didn’t know, dressed in outfits I wanted but didn’t have. But now it’s different; it’s back to fun and the fashion tents, filled with grown-up kids I do know, dressed in outfits I love. And the best part of all is that I can reset and have the start of my fashion year now, filled with new beginnings.

Which brings me to this site, my very own “new beginning!” If you’re reading this—my first “A to Zee” column here on the spanking new Yahoo Style—you probably found me through one of several ways: 1) linked from a social media channel 2) clicking onto yahoo.com/style 3) or a (really awesome) friend forwarded it to you. But however you’ve found me, for the first time or again, I’m glad you’re here because I am so proud of Yahoo Style, a new digital fashion magazine that my amazing team and I have worked on tirelessly over the last several months and are finally launching. Here, you’ll find beautiful, original photo shoots including our launch cover story with my girl Jessica Biel, along with compelling features, first-person observations, and new ideas, all in real time. In fact, the staff has even uploaded their Spotify playlist of all the tunes we jammed to while working around the clock getting Yahoo Style ready for you.

When I left Elle to start this online magazine, Yahoo Style, everyone was so excited and said to me, “This is the future!” but honestly, I disagree. I think this is the present. This is how we all are reading and consuming everything around us on a daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute basis. How much time do we spend trolling through the feeds on our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook accounts? I confess it’s how I get all my information now, so consider this no different, only these stories and photographs will be curated by my staff (whom you will all meet soon!) and me. And, like Instagram or Twitter, it allows me to have a real back-and-forth dialogue with all of you. While people may say or write it all the time, I mean it: I really want to hear from you. Tell me your thoughts and comments, because I can’t have this conversation alone. In fact, I want you all to not only read this magazine, but also interact with and be a part of it (I’ll explain that at a later date). In the meantime, browse through our stories, leave a comment, bookmark this site, tell a friend (or two or 20!), and come back often. You never know what you’ll discover. There will be some fun surprises along the way. And trust me, fun is the new fashion.

JZ xoxo

Illustration of Joe Zee by Donald Robertson