A Sweet Stop in Greece — Thessaloniki’s New Wave of Patisseries

This city has an unrivaled sweet tooth: From boutique, French-style cafés with divine shop windows to elegant bakeries-patisseries and a modern, innovative restaurant that has recently introduced the Greek Cronut, a hybrid dessert called bougatsan (a combination of croissant and bougatsa, the traditional local delicacy), we spot Thessaloniki’s new sugary hot spots. Get your spoon ready.

1. Blé


In addition to its breads and pastries, Blé also offers up some divine ice cream. (Photo: Blé/Facebook)

Local connoisseurs refer to this as “the temple of bread,” but it could equally be awarded the title “the temple of desserts.” As you push open the enormous glass door of the neoclassical building where it is housed, you are immediately drawn by a sweet revelation on the right: a massive glass display of fine patisseries like éclairs and fruit tarts that will have you drooling. On your other side, long platters of decadent tiramisus and profiteroles are impossible to pass by without a bite. Right on the corner, there’s the ice cream; oh my, that ice cream!

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Blés winter menu contains traditional Greek sweets in both classic and experimental recipes, such as melomakarona (honey cookies with walnuts) covered in authentic Belgian white chocolate and pink Madagascar pepper.

Sit and enjoy your sweet selection coupled with a perfectly prepared cappuccino at the big communal table or the outdoor tables near the pedestrian road. It doesn’t get much better than this.

2. Sugarela


The chocolate tart and Andriani at Sugarela (Photo: Sugarela/Facebook)

This exclusive sugary boutique patisserie is the place locals order their cakes for special celebrations. Christina Kakkou and her handpicked team prepare the freshest desserts and heavenly buttery biscuits with ornate decorations right in the center of Thessaloniki.

Sugarela’s philosophy about the perfect sweet is reflected in every single creation: unpretentious and pure flavors, created from scratch with top-quality raw materials.

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Deliciously crunchy biscuits filled with marmalade or chocolate will have you singing “oooo la la.” The lemon pie is to die for, as are the crème brûlée, the chocolate soufflé, the profiterole, and the cheesecake. Each one of them brings an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

Andriani, a vanilla cream with strawberry sauce, was specifically created to convert chocolate enthusiasts. Don’t miss their truffles or the mini chocolate soufflé with cream cheese and crunchy praline.

3. Estrella


Watch out, Cronut; this is the bougatsan. (Photo: Estrella/Facebook)

Dimitris Koparanis, Estrella’s innovative and passionate chef, is the creator of bougatsan, the first Greek hybrid dessert.

He came up with the idea while trying to explain the Cronut to a colleague.

Bougatsan is a croissant filled with bougatsa cream (bougatsa is a popular traditional local delicacy) and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Initially served only at Sunday brunch at the restaurant, bougatsan has become so successful that it is now on Estrella’s daily menu.

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Bougatsan is served daily in three versions: bougatsa cream and cinnamon, bougatsa cream and chocolate, and, finally, bougatsa cream and ice cream.

There is also a monthly limited edition with a unique twist.

Once you taste it, you understand why it lives up to the hype.

4. Sugar Angel Workshop & Coffee


Sugar Angel is known for its artfully decorated confectionary creations. (Photo: Sugar Angel)

Come here for the romantic and fairy-tale-like atmosphere, the small but well-curated list of desserts, a good cup of Illy coffee, or the deliciously fresh homemade lemonade.

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The sophisticated and ever-changing thematic display windows draw you in, while the interior decor, with its Parisian look and feel, will make you want to linger all day long, chatting with your girlfriends.

Sugar Angel is famous for its biscuits and cupcakes masterfully decorated with sugar paste, but there are so many more reasons for you to discover this little gem. The raspberry cheesecake, and red velvet cake if available, should not be missed.

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