A Slice Above — The Best Pie in Every State

As a nation, we have a love affair with pie, and on Thanksgiving, dessert plates across the nation will overflow with slices of flaky, gooey, fruity goodness.

Pumpkin pie reigns supreme as the turkey day favorite. In fact, according to researchers at Indiana State University, we will consume roughly 50 million pumpkin pies this week. But why stop with just one flavor? Most households will also indulge in apple, chocolate, and pecan-laced pastries as well.

Obviously the best pies are the ones your grandma makes (or your Aunt Jane, as the case may be.) But if you must buy your Thanksgiving pie, where should you go? Yahoo Travel went in search of the best of the best. We looked for pies so good that they create memories. Great pie may be around the corner or it may involve a pre-Thanksgiving road trip. It may be at a pie-exclusive bakery, a steakhouse, a food truck, or a hole-in-the-wall cafe. Any way you slice it, it’s pie time! Here is our list state by state.


Pie Lab in rural Greensboro serves lunch and pie in classic small town atmosphere. Try their famous chocolate chess or the Empire Apple.


A Pie Stop in Anchorage has savory pot pies as well as a blueberry-rhubarb known locally as Blubarb. Yum!



The Arizona Orange Pie from Piefection (Photo: Piefection)

Piefection is definitely worth a stop. Amid all the sweet-sticky varieties we usually consume during the holiday, the light citrus Arizona Orange pie here is a real treat.


Boardwalk Cafe is part of the quaint Arkansas House Inn and Cabins, making a pie trip here even better. Spend the night in a Jacuzzi suite to de-stress before the holiday crowd arrives, then take home a black walnut pie to grace your holiday table.


Any time you find a fruit market that also bakes pies, you know you are in for a treat. Ikeda’s California Country Market bakes fresh fruit pies that are definitely worth the drive to Auburn.


Tip: if a pie shop actually has the word “Granny” in it, consider it a good bet. Granny Scott’s Pie Shop is that kind of place. If you can pry yourself away from the sticky buns, take home your favorite flavor topped with a mile-high meringue.



One of American Pie Company’s many delicious pies. (Photo: American Pie Company/Facebook)

American Pie Company will do all of your holiday baking if you like, including the turkey! Or just order up a luscious pumpkin pie to serve with your home-cooked fare.


If you need pie, a gallon of ice cream, and a dozen donuts for Thursday breakfast, Sweeney’s Bakery is your place.


Though a trip to Florida would not be complete without a slice or three of Key Lime pie, consider bringing home a strawberry pie from Testa’s in West Palm Beach; it’s their most popular variety.

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In the south, a good buttermilk pie is worth driving for. Yesterday Cafe in Greensboro has such a pie. If you have time, stay for a home-style lunch, then carry home your pie heaven.



Hawaiian Pie Co. has pumpkin custard pies both big and small. (Photo: Hawaiian Pie Company/Facebook)

Hawaiian Pie Co. in Honolulu has the traditional pumpkin pie for the holiday, but they also offer a pumpkin custard that that adds an extra creamy dimension to the norm.


Pie Hut is a great place to get your holiday pies, but go at lunch so you can try one of their amazing sandwiches before you dash home to greet the in-laws.



The famous apple pie at First Slice. (Photo: First Slice Pie Cafe/Facebook)

At First Slice Pie Cafe it is too late to pre-order your Thanksgiving pies, but you still have a chance at snagging their famous apple pie at one of their three Chicago locations.


My Sugar Pie has a variety of pie flavors, but there are only two words to remember when you go here. Sugar. Cream. It’s the pie they are known for. Get two.


Coffee Cup Cafe is one of those places with a name that can be found in almost every state and one that is usually synonymous with “pie-licious.” This one serves cream and meringue pies whole or by the slice.



Pecan-Oatmeal Pie from Upper Crust Bakery (Photo: The Upper Crust/Facebook)

Nothing prepares you for the decadence of pie found at The Upper Crust Pie Bakery in Overland Park. Meringue that towers. Sugared crusts that flake at the lightest touch. These pies trump Grandma’s.


The Whistle Stop is a country café that just happens to be famous for banana cream pie.


Not Just Pie Restaurant wants you to know that they have pot pies, sandwiches, and quiche. We want you to know that the banana caramel pie topped with fluffy meringue could make your Thanksgiving feast epic.



So many delicious pies to choose from at Two Fat Cats. (Photo: Two Fat Cats Bakery/Facebook)

In Maine, you must eat blueberry pie. It may be a law. Two Fat Cats has you covered.


Best Pie is the place to get mixed fruit pies like triple berry and even quadruple berry. Or maybe spice up your apple pie with raisins.


Petsi Pies us no longer taking holiday pie orders, but if you are lucky, you may still be able to get their signature salted caramel apple pie by the slice at one of their three café locations in Cambridge.


Berries, berries, and more berries. That’s our recommendation at Achatz Handmade Pie Co. Order online or stop by one of their seven locations.


Turtle Bread is one of those places where you may find yourself leaving with more than you came for. Get a raspberry pie, then drool over the red velvet cake or lemon cheesecake.



Sugaree’s takes chocolate meringue pies and turns them into works of art. (Photo: Sugaree’s Bakery/Facbook)

Sugaree’s Bakery is known for delectable sweets of all kinds, but for your holiday needs, go for the chocolate meringue or pecan pies. You won’t regret it. And maybe take home a red velvet cupcake for yourself after the guests depart — you’ve earned it.


Pie Oh My! has a name that sums it up for this bakery specializing in seasonal fruit and pecan pies. Go for the chocolate bourbon pecan. Oh my!

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Loula’s Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to locals in Whitefish, but the huckleberry pie draws folks from miles away.


The Village Piemaker has a cran-apple-nut pie in a flaky crust that will wow your dinner guests.



The famous apple pie from Wet Hen Cafe. (Photo: Wet Hen Cafe/Facebook)

Wet Hen Cafe may have an odd name, but this nifty breakfast and lunch spot in Reno is famous for apple pie made with only the freshest ingredients.

New Hampshire

Just Like Mom’s Pastries offers take and bake pies so that you can fill your kitchen with the sweet fragrance of pie. Apple-raspberry anyone?

New Jersey

Delicious Orchards is way more than the apple orchard it once was. Coffee, tea, cider, specialty groceries, and of course pie, are among the amazing array of things to expect here. There is a guaranteed availability on apple pie all week.

New Mexico

There’s not much in Pie Town (yes that is really the name of the town) except pie. Pie Town Cafe puts a new twist on apple pie with the addition of green chilis and piñon nuts. When in New Mexico…

New York

Two Little Red Hens is a Brooklyn favorite that is unfortunately already booked up for advance orders this week, which says a lot about how good the pie is. You may still be able to take home a pumpkin or chocolate pecan from the store this week if your timing is right.

North Carolina


There are so many delicious pies at Scratch, you’ll want to try them all. (Photo: Scratch Bakery/Facebook)

Scratch Bakery in Durham is known for what they call a Shaker Lemon pie, but for Thanksgiving consider a toasted oat and salted honey chess. If you miss the Thanksgiving order cut-off, don’t forget that Christmas is just around the corner.

North Dakota

Lund’s Landing is the place for a Juneberry pie in season, but obviously this is not that season. If you find yourself wandering the backroads of the prairies this week, try the Home Plate Diner in Fredonia for what is said to be an awesome slice of rhubarb pie.


Lyn-Way Restaurant specializes in home-style food, and the pie is no exception. The menu includes all the usual varieties, but we say go for the butterscotch. You only live once, right?



Click’s pies feature insanely high meringue. (Photo: Click’s Steakhouse)

Let’s be clear — there is good pie in almost every corner café in this state. But for really great pie, think outside the box. Click’s Steakhouse builds pies with meringues so high that they become a work of art. A crowd favorite is the coconut cream.


Otis Cafe serves chicken-fried steak, biscuits, and gravy, cinnamon roll French toast…and then there is the pie. The Marion berry is a blackberry variety developed at Oregon State University specifically for use in cooking. Otis Café’s Marion berry pie is the perfect use of the near-perfect berry.


Lancaster Central Market is the country’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s market and it’s the place to go for shoofly pie — the traditional molasses pie of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Rhode Island


You can find picture perfect pies of all kinds at Humble Pie Co. (Photo: Humble Pie Company/Facebook)

Humble Pie Co. sells their pies at local farmer’s markets and cafes. You may be too late for a Thanksgiving order, but if you can find one, try the maple pecan or the pumpkin hazelnut.

South Carolina

Carolina Cider Company is not all about apples. It is also your go-to source for delicious sweet potato pie that may change your mind about pumpkin pie forever.

South Dakota

The Frosted Petal is a florist/bakery combo in Martin that bakes up a strawberry rhubarb pie that is to die for.

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It’s no wonder Loveless Cafe’s pies are legendary. (Photo: Loveless Cafe/Facebook)

The Loveless Cafe specializes in hot biscuits and country ham, so of course the pie will be good. It’s a rule. The list of favorites is a long one — Goo Goo Cluster pie, out-of-the-pan peach, and even apple bacon.


Norma’s Cafe in Dallas is famous for big meringues, but since pecan is the official state pie, the go-to pie shop is the Upper Crust Bakery in Austin.


Penny Ann’s Cafe is the place to start your busy morning with a stack of pancakes, then take home your turkey day pie. May we recommend the peanut butter chocolate?



Ma Bean’s freshly baked pies at Red Fox Inn. (Photo: Red Fox Inn/Facebook)

Ma Bean’s Vermont Pie Company is part of Red Fox Inn, making it the perfect place to run away to before the guests pile into your house. It’s Vermont, so of course you will try the apple pie with a slice of cheddar.


Mom’s Apple Pie is all about the fresh produce that goes into their pies. If the usual apple or pumpkin don’t tickle your taste buds, try the bourbon walnut.


Pie offers sweet, savory, and mini pies. How about a broccoli cheddar pie this year in place of your usual broccoli casserole? For dessert, try the peanut butter cream or the berry awesome.

West Virginia

Starlings Coffee & Provisions serves organic pastries. Go for blueberry buttermilk pie if it’s available.



Pecan, pumpkin, or pumpkin cream cheese – so many delicious options to choose from at Norske Nook. (Photo: Norske Nook Restaurants and Bakery/Facebook)

Norske Nook Restaurant & Bakery is famous for apple pie, but don’t forget the seemingly endless possibilities like blueberry, pumpkin cream cheese, and pecan.


The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant lets you cross two things off your list at the same time– butter croissants for dinner and apple pie for dessert. Throw in a chocolate pecan pie to stash for later and you’re set for the big day.

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