A Night at IKEA: Furniture Seller Offers "Rooms" on Airbnb for a Sydney Sleepover


IKEA — your hotel for the night. (Photo: Airbnb)

Ever wanted to spend the night in an IKEA? Some Australians will soon get the chance, thanks to Airbnb.

The furniture retailer is hosting a one-night-only sleepover at its store near Sydney this Sunday.

IKEA advertised the three rooms on Airbnb, with listings worded like the site’s rental ads. One “room” promises “Rustic Charm… reminiscent of a Swedish summer cottage.”

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A room available for “rent” at Airbnb for IKEA’s big Sydney sleepover (Photo: Airbnb)

The event is by-invitation only; families were asked to apply online and explain why they should be invited to the IKEA sleepover (applications are now closed).

Applying guests were warned that the event would be covered by the media and that they would be “woken in the morning in a remarkable way.” But the company added, “Nothing frightening — we promise.”

This isn’t IKEA’s first sleepover. In 2012, the company invited 100 IKEA fans to crash for a night at its Essex store in the UK. And some locations in China encourage shoppers to field test the mattresses and couches.

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But what’s fun about the Australian sleepover is that it offers something for everyone. For furniture aficionados, it’s a chance to spend the night surrounded by the best of Scandinavian housewares.

And for horror fans who like crashing in scary places, this endless, inescapable maze where the signs are written in a strange language, might have its own appeal.

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