A Lounge in the Sky: A Look at China Airlines' Swanky New Plane

(Photo: Facebook/China Airlines)

It’s like an airborne lounge.

Taiwan’s China Airlines recently unveiled its new Boeing 777-300ER, and its interior resembles that of a nice, hip hotel bar. China Airlines’ press release hails the 777-300ER’s design as “a reinterpretation of classic aesthetics through Taiwanese lens.”

China Airlines got its first Boeing 777-300ER this month. (Photo: Boeing)

With a tasteful wood grain design and mood lighting, this 358-seat aircraft (40 seats in Premium Business Class, 62 seats in Premium Economy and 256 seats in Economy Class) is a tastefully-decorated treat, especially in the two “Premium” classes. Here’s a look at our favorite features:

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Premium Business Class features lie-flat 78-inch seats.

Premium Business Class is great, especially if your “business” is sleeping during your flight. (Photo: Facebook/China Airlines)

Premium Business Class also features a Sky Lounge that can suit whatever mood you’re in: on the left side of the plane is the “Literary Tea-tasting Area, where you can sip on six selected teas from Taiwan; the right of the plane features the Western “Fashionable Coffee Area”; and in the middle, for those who prefer a liquid drug with a little more punch than caffeine, there’s a bar that offers cocktails as well as tapas and cup noodles.

Coffee and tea are great, but this is the bar where you’ll likely find us. (Photo: Facebook/China Airlines)

Premium Economy passengers get a spacious 39 inches of legroom. And you can leave your “Knee Defenders“ at home: these seats feature a fixed-back shell design which "recline” by sliding the bottom forward, allowing you to lean back without invading the air space of the passengers behind you.

(Photo: Facebook/China Airlines)

Economy Class allows you to get cozy with the “Family Couch” seats, where you can raise the footrest and concert the seats into a sofa bed. Recommended for use only if you know your seatmate.

(Photo: Facebook/China Airlines)

China Airlines’ first 777-300ER is already flying routes in Taiwan. The airline’s also getting two more this year, which will be used for additional routes this winter: Taoyuan-to-Los Angeles starting in December, and Taoyuan-to-New York and Taoyuan-to-San Francisco starting in 2015.

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