A Future Road Trip Might be in a Solar-Powered Car


The future of family roadtrips? (Photo: Facebook/Solar Team Eindhoven)

First there was the station wagon, then the mini-van. Now, meet a possible new innovation in kid movers.

The 4-seater known as “Stella” is the first solar-powered family car. Designed by Solar Team Eindhoven, Stella won the World Solar Car challenge race across Australia last year. It just made its debut in the U.S. It drove up California’s famous Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco to strut its stuff, soaking in the California sun the whole way.


Stella toured sunny California. (Photo: Facebook/Solar Team Eindhoven)

Stella could revolutionize the way we take road trips. Thanks to a huge solar panel that sits atop the car — talk about a “sunroof” —  it can travel 500 miles on one charge, maintaining a speed of 80 miles an hour. So if you’re taking the kids on a long drive in this car, you’d likely have to stop for multiple bathroom breaks before your car runs out of juice.


Stella is the world’s first solar-powered 4-seater (Photo: Facebook/Solar Team Eindhoven)

Stella’s makers hope to see their invention mass-produced to the point where it becomes affordable to the average family. Imagine parking lots full of Stellas at Little League games, PTA meetings and interstate rest stops.

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