A Disney Coaster in Flames and 5 Other Theme Park Disasters


Disney’s Seven Dwarf Mine Train, seen here back in May, suffered a small fire Saturday night. (Photo: AP)

It’s a small fire after all.

Disney’s Seven Dwarf Mine Train caught fire Saturday. Fortunately, it was a small blaze and quickly extinguished. And no one was hurt.

It’s another reminder that bizarre things sometimes happen in amusement parks. Here are some others:

Roller Coaster Gets Stuck

At Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, MD, almost two dozen riders got stuck 75 feet up in the air, when the Joker’s Jinx roller coaster quit on them last August. No one was injured and, after five hours, the riders were brought down by firefighters.

Girl Thrown

This horrifying 2012 incident was actually caught on video. A three-year-old girl on a carnival ride at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo slipped under the restraints and was thrown from the ride, falling about six feet to the ground below. She suffered a concussion.

Ride Cable Snaps

The Skyhawk at Ohio’s Cedar Point is one of those rides that hurls you round and round at a nearly-breakneck speed. But back in July, one of the Skyhawk’s cables snapped and hit two passengers. There were no serious injuries.


(Photo: Flickr/Missie)

Riders Stuck, Part II

20 riders were stranded 300 feet up at California’s Knotts Berry Farm when the WindSeeker ride malfunctioned back in 2012. It took workers more than three hours to lower the ride enough for the riders to walk off.

Water Ride Horror

In 2009, there was a weird and scary incident on a water attraction at Indiana’s Holiday World. A broken filter pump sent a high concentration of muriatic acid and liquid into the Bahari River at Splashin’ Safari. A couple dozen people were taken to the hospital.


(Photo: Curtis and Eric/Flickr)

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