A 95-Year-Old Was The Last Person Riding The Lifts During Minnesota Ski Area's Closing Day

Welch Village Ski & Snowboard Area, Minnesota, closed for the season this past weekend on Sunday, March 17th, with one member of the community hanging on to winter longer than anyone else.

"Can you guess who was the last one off the slopes…?" Welch Village asked on Facebook. "Alex," a 95-year-old skier.

Alex racked up more ski days than most at Welch Village, visiting the Minnesota ski area almost 60 times this season, and he's already planning for the next one.

"He made a point to mention that he already has renewed his season pass for next year," Welch Village wrote.

Aside from his age and impressive commitment to skiing, information about Alex is otherwise scant.

But commenters below Welch Village's post didn't need to know more about Alex to think he's a hero skiing fanatics everywhere.

"I love this so much! I hope I can be blessed to keep skiing my entire life too," wrote one commenter. "Alex, you are an inspiration to all!!"

"I see him there all the time. He's quite an inspiration to all of us young (60ish) kids!" said another.

Inspiration, indeed. To remix a quote from legendary skateboarder Jay Adams, you don't quit skiing because you got old; you got old because you quit skiing.

Here's to all the Alexes out there who are keeping their passion for skiing alive.

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