911 dispatcher hailed as a hero for staying on the phone to help boy with his homework

Antonia Bundy
911 police dispatcher Antonia Bundy is being hailed as a hero for staying on the phone to help a young boy with his homework. (Photo: Lafayette Police Department via Twitter)

A 911 dispatcher is getting praised for taking the time out of her day to assist a young caller who needed help with his homework.

Antonia Bundy, who works for the Lafayette Police Department in Indiana, stayed on the phone with a boy who dialed the emergency number to say he “had a really bad day” and had “tons” of homework.

The boy, whose identity is not known, told Bundy that he had math homework he was struggling with.

In the audio recording posted by the Lafayette Police Department on Twitter Friday, Bundy is heard calmly working with the boy as he adds his fractions. When they finish the problem, the boy lets her know that it was the only problem he was stuck on.

“I’m sorry for calling you, but I really needed help,” he said.

“When a young child calls to ask for homework help, Antonia didn’t miss a beat,” the Lafayette Police Department wrote in its Twitter post.

“We get a lot of unusual call requests, but this one kind of stood out,” said Lafayette Police Sgt. Matt Gard.

While the Lafayette Police Department doesn’t recommend dialing 911 for homework help, many people are praising Bundy on Twitter for her generosity.

According to Gard, police are trying to figure out which area school the boy attends so they can connect with him through the school’s principal.

“We want to make sure everything is good, and make sure he knows we appreciate him calling,” Gard said.

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