11 ’90s Baby Names That Are Prime for a Comeback

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Considering that so many ’90s shows, beauty looks and toys are back in vogue, it’s not much surprise that parents-to-be are turning to the decade of grunge for their baby-name inspiration as well. That’s according to pregnancy and family website Baby Center, who predicts that these specific ’90s baby names will be all over your Facebook and Instagram feeds this year.

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Cox, Love, whatever.

2. Ryan

Lest we forget…before Gosling, there was Phillippe.

3. Helen

Remember Twister?

4. Kimberley

Or Kimmie for short.

5. Bradley

As in ’90s (and OK, current) heartthrob Brad Pitt.

6. Naomi

Like it or not, model discussions will be had.

7. Molly

Named after your favorite American doll. (Sorry, Samantha.)

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8. Lewis

This moniker was actually one of the most popular baby names last year, too.

9. Maria

Inspired by the 1999 Blondie hit, we assume.

10. Nicholas

Were you team Carter or Lachey?

11. Jennifer

Lopez, Aniston or, hey, Paige (of Crush fame).

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