9 Surfer-Girl Style Essentials Blue Crush Convinced Me I'll Always Need

Blue Crush was pretty much my permanent summer mood in the early 2000s. At least, it had all the vibes I wanted to be channeling (or maybe thought I was channeling). Even though I'll never forget the way Anne Marie Chadwick looked in her plunging black dress that she wore for a romantic evening with Matt at the hotel, she seemed way more natural in her everyday surfer gear.

Anne Marie's friends, Eden and Lena, and her little sister, Penny, always hung by her side in similar triangle bikinis with splashy tropical prints and board shorts. They all wore beaded and woven rope seashell necklaces and bracelets, moving effortlessly in and out of the waves like it was some easy old thing.

While I can't say Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez convinced me that surfing is a breeze, they did teach me a thing or two about summer style - more specifically, to always let my sporty side show. While swimwear trends may come and go, staying true to the basics that make you feel most confident is an absolute must.

Though I tried out a lot of these looks for the first time simply because I was inspired by the cast of Blue Crush, I've maintained a lot of them through the years because I do love the casualness that comes with that inimitable surfer-girl aesthetic. Truth be told, you'll never find me without the nine pieces below, even in the winter - because I'm always ready to hang 10 go on vacation.


The Parent Trap: How to Channel Hallie and Annie's '90s Camp Style All Summer Long

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