These 9 Roller Skates for Women Are TikToker-, Celeb- and Reviewer-Approved (PureWow)
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After a year of social distancing, we’ve tried almost every quarantine hobby you can think of. Crafting? Been there. Baking? Done that. But one popular pastime we’re still dying to try? Roller skating. There’s just one problem: We don’t own roller skates yet, and we have no idea what makes a good pair. Apparently, it’s important to look at the wheels since smaller wheels are better for tricks and larger wheels are better for long distance skating. Also, soft wheels are best for outdoor skating whereas harder wheels are better for indoor rinks. That’s about all we know, though. So rather than aimlessly scrolling through the Google results pages for “roller skates for women” and choosing a pair, we decided to turn to real people (think: TikTokers, celebrities and reviewers) for some insight on their favorites. Here, nine roller skates for women to shop right now.

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1. Riedell Skates Wave Ladies Roller Skate

Best Overall

This sleek, all black style comes recommended by Coco Franklin, a professional roller skating and yoga instructor. According to her TikTok page, she’s been skating for 34 years, so yeah, we’re definitely going to take her advice and consider this pair. Just note that they’re only available in men’s sizes at the moment, so you’ll need to convert your shoe size in order to find the right fit.

$99 at Amazon

2. Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates


Another TikToker known for her impressive roller skating moves? Kamry Lorin. She rocks a ton of different skate brands in her videos, but Moxi seems to be one of her favorites. Honestly, we can see why: The color combos are so bright and fun. This particular design features a bolt-on toe-stop, which makes it easy to stop if you find yourself going too fast. Psst, these skates are backordered until April in some colors, so we suggest placing your order while you still can.

Buy It ($229)

3. Chicago Skates Women’s Classic Roller Skates

Best Value

Looking for a style that’s a bit more basic? Opt for this pink and white pair from Chicago Skates. They have everything you need to hit the streets—from a high top and durable laces to keep your feet securely strapped in, to a toe stop for easy braking—without any excess frills. According to over 3,500 five-star reviewers on Amazon, they’re perfect for first-time roller skaters.

$55 at Amazon

4. Impala Roller Skates

Most Popular

Impala roller skates are notoriously hard-to-find, but Reese Witherspoon finally got her hands on a pair back in August and was quick to let her IG followers know. Six months later, they’re still nearly sold out on Amazon, but Tillys has a good selection of pairs in stock (at least for now). Between the durable, waterproof boot and strong aluminum baseplate, it’s clear these babies are top-of-the-line.

Buy It ($95)

5. Intentionally Blank Rink Roller Skates

Best Suede Roller Skates

“[These skates] are obviously cute but they’re also comfortable. The asphalt around my house isn’t the best but they powered through it,” writes one reviewer. The comfortable fit is thanks to extra padding at the ankle and a soft sock lining. And the genuine suede upper? Gorgeous.

Buy It ($258)

6. Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller Skate

Best for Outdoor Skating

TikToker Charlotte Parsons can be seen wearing Sure-Grip’s Boardwalk roller skates in almost all of her videos. Sadly, the pretty blue shade she owns is currently out of stock, but this black suede alternative is more versatile anyway. The Boardwalk style has a high-impact base with strong trucks and wheels, making it perfect for outdoor skating.

$220 at Amazon

7. Impala Quad Skate Sky Blue

Most Stylish

Back in October, Kerry Washington posted an Instagram video documenting her attempt to emulate professional roller skater Oumi Janta. Of course, we couldn’t help but admire her pretty sky blue skates. It turns out they’re from Impala Roller Skates, the same brand that Reese Witherspoon purchased hers from. And as luck would have it, this exact style is still in stock on Impala’s site.

Buy It ($100)

8. C7Skates Premium Quad Roller Skates

Best for Beginners

These guys are so popular, they’re currently backordered until mid-March in all three colorways. “Perfect fit and the glide is very smooth,” says one woman. “Perfect for beginners,” adds another. They have a padded boot, lightweight aluminum trucks and a classic toe-stop, aka all the skating newbie necessities.

Buy It ($120)

9. Flaneurs Veja Roraima

Coolest Design

Ok, these are definitely the coolest roller skates we’ve seen so far. Flaneurs adapts regular sneakers so that they’re able to easily clip onto a roller skate plate. A quick look at TikToker Ana Coto’s profile, and it’s clear these are her favorite—by far. Can you blame her?

Buy It ($509)

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