9-year-old boy earns praise for helping struggling flower vendor

Jeremiah Reyes was on his way to basketball practice with his sister Stephanie when the two came across 57-year-old Israel Parra.who was selling flowers on the side of the road in Santa Ana.Reyes, a fifth grader, told KTLA that he noticed Parra seemed to be having trouble in the heat with only one arm.When the boy later learned that Parra, who doesn’t have health insurance, was also struggling financially.he decided to take matters into his own hands and created a GoFundMe with a goal of raising $20,000.The generous act caught Parra, who picks up bouquets six days a week from Lupita’s Flowers and tries to sell them, off guard.Reyes is hoping to raise enough money to get Parra a new prosthetic arm that will make the vendor’s job more manageable.“I want to inspire everybody out there to start helping the community,” said the fifth grader, whose kindness has earned him praise on social media.“You are one awesome kid!” one person wrote. “Keep up the great work!”

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