9-months-pregnant woman recalls the day police threw her on the ground and put a knee in her back

The due date for the birth of Deja Stallings’s first child, a girl she will be naming Dsyre, is Oct. 19. But her mother says that her unborn child has already been the victim of police brutality after Stallings was thrown to the ground two weeks ago and held with a knee to her back by a white Kansas City police officer.

Video Transcript


- Are you crazy? She tagged me with that [BLEEP]. She's crazy [INAUDIBLE] [BLEEP].


- Stop! I got a person in the car.


DEJA STALLINGS: --pushed me. I told him to not-- don't push me, 'cause you don't have the rights to push me. And he said, you're F-ing going to jail. That's when he threw me down on my stomach and put his knee in my back.

My name is Deja Stallings. I came down here for a balloon release. We finally did a balloon release.

They came down here twice. And I got it on my phone when they came in and harassed me the two times, but they left. And then they-- they came back again, harassing again, talking about he was trespassing. He was never trespassing.

So they attacked him. And I was-- after, like, everybody goes, time to record. And the officer pushed me.

So I got handcuffed. And you know, they charged me with hindering. But I mean, I never went to jail.

I only went to the hospital. That's why I'm in so much pain that I'm in, because when he threw me down, he had his knee in my back. But I don't feel like every officer is a problem.

It's certain officers that is a problem. They get away with everything, and they're not being accountable of what they doing to people. Well, I want my future daughter to grow up and not go through what I been through with the police officers and be successful in life.