9 Items You Should Probably Stop Buying At Aldi

aldi produce section
aldi produce section

In most cases, Aldi offers great items that are both low in price and high in quality. But of course, not every product can meet the mark every time; there are bound to be a few disappointing items on shelves, as well as a few price tags that don’t offer the best deal around.

According to shoppers and experts, there are a handful of Aldi items that you’re better off buying elsewhere. To help you know what to avoid, we’re rounding up a few of them, from less-than-tasty foods to personal care essentials that are cheaper at other stores. Find it all below.

1. Produce

Aldi may have highly affordable produce—but it's important to consider the quality. Some customers complain that Aldi's fruit and veggies go bad too quickly. Take the bananas, for example. According to one Redditor, "They are green when I buy them and brown the next day." Another person complained of the opposite scenario: "Mine stayed green for 2 whole weeks and I tried peeling one and it was like trying to pry bark off a tree." Maybe we're just better off getting our fruit elsewhere.

2. Graham Crackers

When s'mores season rolls around, you may want to find another store to buy your graham crackers at. According to some Aldi shoppers on Reddit, Aldi's variety is highly disappointing—and that includes their bear-shaped snacks. "I bought knock-off Teddy Grahams and they were completely inedible," one comment warns. Say it ain't so! Guess some name brand products are worth shelling out the extra bucks for.

3. Sugar-Free Coffee Creamer

Everyone likes their coffee a little bit different. If you don't prefer it black but are trying to watch your sugar intake and avoid unhealthy ingredients, you may opt for sugar-free creamer. But shoppers warn that you may want to get it somewhere besides Aldi. "I would’ve paid to see my own face when I took that first sip," one Redditor wrote. Many comments echoed this sentiment. "That stuff is nasty," wrote one person, with another confirming: "Absolutely awful." Noted!

4. Lobster Mac & Cheese

Frozen macaroni and cheese can oftentimes be a real treat. (Shout-out to Trader Joe's!) But when you add lobster to the mix, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it can be hit or miss. After all, microwavable seafood isn't necessarily the most appetizing thing around. However, Reddit users had some strong feelings about Alid's Lobster Mac and Cheese. "This one is seriously disgusting," wrote one person—and many comments backed them up.

"Just trust me that it is the most disgusting food I've ever smelled or eaten," someone agreed.

Another wrote: "This is my, hands down, number one answer. Even if I don't really like a food, I still tend to eat it, as to not waste it. This went directly into the trash." Noted!

5. Toothbrushes

It's not a bad idea to save money on personal care essentials like toothbrushes by opting for generic brands. And no one does affordable generic brands quite like Aldi. However, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady, there's an even more affordable option you may want to take advantage of. As it turns out, you can buy toothbrushes in bulk from Amazon. This will ultimately save you a good amount of money when compared to Aldi's prices.

6. Deodorant

Speaking of essentials, here's another item we all need. While you may be tempted to throw a stick (or a few) into your cart on your next Aldi trip, you may want to think twice. Believe it or not, there are cheaper options out there that will keep you smelling fresh. That's because Aldi only carries name brand deodorant—no generic options in sight. Stock up elsewhere to save a few bucks.

7. Kitty Litter

There's no denying that not all kitty litter brands are created equal. While Aldi may offer cheap options with their Heart to Tail Scoopable brand, this is one item that you'll definitely want to consider the quality of. And according to Aldi Reviewer, the money you'll save isn't worth the quality it lacks. As they note, the "liquid waste doesn’t always clump well." We'll spend a little more money to get the job done more effectively.

8. Confetti Brownies

Who doesn't love those delicious Cosmic Brownies? Like many of our favorite snacks, Aldi carries their own version of this classic treat—but shoppers complain that it really misses the mark, especially compared to the real thing. "Their knock off version of cosmic brownies were the biggest disappointment in my entire life," one shopper lamented. "These tasted so foul. I wish I could sue for someone making something so disgusting." Sad!

9. Pizza Rolls

Ah, pizza rolls. If you have a craving for something cheesy, you're simply too lazy to cook up a real meal, or you're scrambling for a late-night snack, they're always a good choice—except, apparently, when it comes to Aldi's brand. "Even drunk me had to throw them in the trash," one comment reads.

It seems many feel the same way. "Repulsive," says one reply.

Some people think it's a brand-wide issue, claiming that the frozen pizzas are also poor quality: "Some about that Mama Costi’s brand has terrible sauce." Guess we'll stick to Totino's!