9 Heat-Tolerant Plants That Are Perfect for Container Gardening, According to an Expert

In the South, one must always be prepared for the heat—and that goes for the plants that live here, too. When temperatures can spike three seasons out of the year, with record-breaking numbers common in the summertime, plants in the South should be selected and primed to withstand high temperatures for an extended period of time.

Knowing this, Southern gardeners must always put research before planting, whether filling up a container garden or planning landscaping around their homes. Rejane Parker, Director of Gardens at The Vine in St. Simons Island, Georgia, is an expert at recommending plants that will not only live but thrive in the Southern climate.

When container gardening in particular, Parker says she and her team tend to prioritize clean aesthetics and statement pieces, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Another key element? Containers that are used to, as she describes, "punctuate the outdoor rooms we create for our clients." Imagine oversized pots, eye-catching bases in colors such as light tans and whites, and even planters in the shape of oyster shells.

To recreate such a look and feeling at your home, no matter where you live in the South, we asked Parker to share a few of The Vine's favorite heat-tolerant plants and flowers for container gardening. So, trust us: These nine expert-recommended picks are "very heat friendly and stable, even in the dead of summer months." We asked a pro on the ground to be certain.