The 8 Best Packing Cubes of 2024 for an Organized Suitcase

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The Gonex Compression Packing Cubes beat out the competition

<p>People / Vicky Wasik</p>

People / Vicky Wasik

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Preparing to travel, not so much. Packing can be such a hassle — especially if you’re going on anything longer than a weekend getaway. Thankfully, packing cubes help make the process a whole lot easier.

Packing cubes are thin rectangular fabric bags designed to nestle nicely into a suitcase so that you can make the most of every square inch of your luggage. When shopping for packing cubes, you’ll want to consider the capacity, design, quality, water resistance, and overall value of the set.

Our PEOPLE Tested team set out to find the best packing cubes on the market. We researched the top-selling packing cubes, gathering a sample size of 23 cube sets and put them to the test.

Keep reading to discover the best packing cubes we tested.

Best Overall: Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

$30 at

See at


  • They're made from a very durable fabric with reinforced seams that hold up well.

  • They are super compressive and space-saving.

  • They have 4 cubes of different sizes to help keep you organized.


  • They are designed without a mesh screen, so you can’t see what’s in them.

  • They are not fully waterproof.

The Gonex Compression Packing Cubes have it all. They’re made with ultra-lightweight fabric with reinforced seams, so you never have to worry about them breaking down due to being overstuffed. After being totally packed to the brim, the zippers and seams showed no signs of wear or stress, and the primary material appears resistant to tearing.

Logistically, the set includes four cubes of varying sizes. While they’re made without mesh screens, these cubes work especially well in the compression department, as you can pack them, squeeze out all the air, zip them shut, and marvel at just how much space you’ve saved in your carry-on.

Something to note, though, is that we found that they’re not quite as waterproof as we were hoping. While they shield your clothes from small accidental spills, they likely won't keep clothes dry in the presence of heavy water exposure.

Colors: 14 | Material: Nylon | Pieces Included: 4

What We Think Now

After six months of use, these packing cubes have held up great. They are showing no signs of wear and tear. We use these every time we travel and love how they make packing efficient and keep us organized. Although we would like the addition of separate cubes for laundry and shoes, we would definitely recommend these to friends and family.

Best Design: Calpak Packing Cubes 5-piece Set

$68 at

$58 at


  • They come with a water-resistant envelope pouch, which is great for toiletries or storing damp clothes.

  • There are 14 color and design options.

  • The mesh window allows you to easily see what’s inside.


  • They are very lightweight, which some shoppers complain makes it trickier to pack.

  • They can sell out quickly, so it can be tough to get the limited-edition sets.

This set by Calpak is a crowd favorite, largely for the trendy colors and designs it’s sold in (14, to be exact). Their regular colors are nicely stocked, however, their limited-edition sets sell out quickly. Looks aside, these cubes are designed extremely well. They’re made with very lightweight fabric, and the smooth zippers help make packing a breeze.

Some shoppers complain that the lightweight fabric doesn’t provide enough structure to pack with. The trick, we found, is to pack it to its brim and you’ll be left with a perfectly compact rectangle that fits nicely into any suitcase.

Colors: 14 | Material: Polyester | Pieces Included: 5 | Care: Spot clean

What We Think Now

After using these packing cubes for six months, they have held up very well and show no signs of fraying or holes. We have used them on several trips and have found they are amazing in both carry-on suitcases and checked bags. Because they are so lightweight and compact, it is easy to store them away when not in use.

Best Variety: Béis The Packing Cubes

$68 at


  • This set includes six pieces for even more tailored packing.

  • They come with labels so you can further organize your garments.

  • The mesh window and plastic screens allow you to easily see what’s inside.


  • They sell out regularly, which can make them difficult to acquire.

  • The shoe bags are quite small.

If you want enough cube variety to conquer any packing job, why not use the ones Shay Mitchell travels with? We're talking about the Béis' The Packing Cubes, which includes six pieces in total. The polyester cubes have added mesh windows, and the shoe bags have clear PVC screens, so you can easily see what’s inside. Where the cubes and pouch zip shut, the shoe bags have drawstring closures; we also found the shoe bags to be quite small, which may not be ideal if you have larger-sized shoes or boots you're planning to pack.

Color: Black | Material: Polyester | Pieces Included: 6 | Care: Spot clean

What We Think Now

After using these packing cubes for three months, we really liked the mesh windows and labels for organization. We did find these cubes to be more structured than some of the others, and they took up more room. These work well if you're using the cubes to keep your bag organized. If you're using them to compress your clothes so you can pack more, you may want to go with less structured or more lightweight packing cubes.

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Best for Checked Bags: Paravel Packing Cube Quad

$65 at

See at


  • These packing cubes are available in six color options with 11 monogram colors.

  • They are made from upcycled plastic bottles.

  • They are very durable and sturdy.


  • The monogram is only available in one font.

  • The large cubes are better suited for a checked bag versus a carry-on.

Whether you personally love your embroidery or you tend to travel with family and friends (where it’s easy to misplace garments), this set of monogrammed packing cubes from Paravel is worth checking out. Given the spacious size of the cubes, we found that while these cubes are high in quality, they are best for those who tend to check their bags because of the larger sizes. The larger cube comfortably fit three pairs of shoes, and all of the cubes fit in a carry-on, but we had to put extra pressure on it to close. Plus, the length of the larger cube was just about the same length as the carry-on.

Colors: 6 | Material: Nylon made from upcycled plastic water bottles with recycled zippers | Pieces Included: 4

What We Think Now

We have used these several times in the last six months for both long and short trips, and they have held up well and still look brand new. Even though they are larger cubes, they are very lightweight and we liked having different size options to choose from.

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Best for Outdoor Trips: REI Co-op Expandable Packing Cube Set

$35 at


  • The compression zipper helps double the space of each cube.

  • The mesh window allows you to easily see what’s inside.

  • It is made of a durable water-repellent material.


  • It only comes with two cubes.

  • The size doesn't translate well for luggage.

If you’re someone who spends more time in a pair of hiking boots backpacking than carting rolling luggage across the country and the world at large, it’s time to check out REI’s expandable packing cube set. The set includes two cubes, which are notably deeper than other cubes on this list. What sets them apart is the compression zipper which runs the midline of each bag. When unzipped, the bag is roughly twice the size it is when zipped. This makes it easier to pack clothing and then once everything’s zipped in the top opening, you can zip the midline closed for a compressing effect.

Colors: Deep Marine, Red Smolder | Material: Nylon and polyester | Pieces Included: 2 | Care: Hand-wash

What We Think Now

We have used these packing cubes frequently for six months, and they held up really well and are a great size for our carry-on bag. The compression factor is especially helpful when packing bulkier items like sweaters and jackets. We did find ourselves wishing they came in more sizes, though.

Best Compression: Well Traveled Compression Packing Cubes

$22 at

See at


  • The handles on each cube add extra portability.

  • The zippers work well, making the compression feature run smoothly.

  • This set includes 50 labels for easy organizing.


  • There are no plastic or mesh windows, so you can’t see what’s inside.

  • They are not waterproof or water-resistant.

Love the idea of compression cubes but want an all-inclusive set? The Well Traveled Compression Packing Cubes include a small, medium, and large zippered cube, as well as a drawstring bag that can be used for shoes or laundry. Although they don't have plastic or mesh windows, the cubes come with small mesh compartments for labels (plus 50 labels to fill them), along with expandable zippered compartments.

While we found they’re not exactly waterproof or water-resistant like they claim to be, we found that a light misting (like one might encounter while camping) would be fine. It’s also worth mentioning that these cubes aren’t as structured as they appear online.

Colors: Glacier, Black, Blue, White | Material: Twill | Pieces Included: 4

What We Think Now

After using these packing cubes for three months, we found that they held up well, were very lightweight, and the darker color concealed stains. We wish they had a mesh window to see the contents inside, but the different sizes and labels helped us stay organized.

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Most Durable: Shacke Pak 5 Set Packing Cubes

$22 at

$18 at


  • The mesh panels allow you to easily see what’s inside.

  • They are durable with reinforced stitching.

  • This set includes a drawstring bag that can be used for shoes or laundry.

  • These are a good value, as you get five packing cubes for an affordable price.


  • Some shoppers complain that they have a chemical smell when they arrive.

Made with breathable, water-resistant fabric, these packing cubes win the prize for durability. The set includes five pieces: one small, two medium, and one large zippered cube, as well as a drawstring shoe bag. During our testing, we were repeatedly surprised by how well-made these affordable cubes are, not to mention their spaciousness.

Just keep in mind that the largest cube is almost the length of one side of a traditional roller carry-on. Some shoppers also mentioned they have a chemical smell when they arrive, so you may want to air them out before using them.

Colors: 10 | Material: Nylon | Pieces Included: 5 | Care: Hand wash and line dry

Best for Long Trips: Veken Packing Cubes With Laundry and Shoe Bag

$20 at


  • The plastic and mesh windows allow you to easily see what’s inside.

  • There are 12 color options to choose from.

  • This set includes both a laundry bag and a shoe bag.


  • There is no compression element.

  • The heavier nylon material is rather thick, adding extra weight to your luggage.

If you’re new to packing cubes but need a way to pack neatly for an upcoming long trip, look no further than the Veken Packing Cubes. The set at Amazon includes one small, one medium, one large, and one extra large cube, all of which feature both clear plastic windows and mesh panels to promote breathability. In addition to the cubes, the sets include a laundry and shoe bag.

What sets these nylon cubes apart is that they’re designed with illustrations that indicate what goes inside each one. One thing to note is that these packing cubes are made of notably thicker nylon, so they may add a bit of weight to your overall luggage. They also don't have a compression element, so they are better for organizing your clothes versus helping your pack for space.

Colors: 12 | Material: Nylon and polyester | Pieces Included: 6 | Care: Hand wash and hang dry

What We Think Now

After using these cubes for six months, we were impressed with the overall quality. They showed no signs of wear, and the zippers held nicely. We loved how organized these cubes kept us, and we are planning on buying more colors for kids.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Packing Cubes


When shopping for travel accessories like packing cubes, it’s a good idea to consider what you’re hoping to use them for. If you’re planning to take them backpacking, you may want to emphasize water-resistant and waterproof fabrics (we recommend the REI Co-op Expandable Packing Cube Set for this). If you plan to use them for long trips where you have a lot to pack, opt for compressive designs (such as the Well Traveled Compression Packing Cubes) that will squeeze out extra air to get the most out of your luggage space.

What's Included

Are you traveling with carry-on luggage or checked baggage? Are you using rolling luggage or a backpack? Depending on your answers, you’ll want more or less cubes. Typically, the more cubes a set has, the better, as you can use them for a variety of packing needs.

When to Buy

Packing cubes go on sale every now and again, most often after Labor Day and around major holidays that gear up to travel periods, like Memorial Day and Fourth of July. That said, not all brands follow the same sale guidelines, so it will take some searching to find out if your set of choice is on sale at any given time.

<p>People / Vicky Wasik</p>

People / Vicky Wasik

How We Tested Packing Cubes

After researching the best packing cubes on the market, we found 23 highly-rated products.

  • Durability: We first examined their durability without any clothes inside, tugging and pulling the material and zippers to ensure they didn't easily tear or break apart. We then started packing the cubes from each set, examining how everything fit and how spacious they were.

  • Capacity: We also tested how each packed cube fits inside a standard suitcase, noting how much space they take up or if there's extra room for other necessities. If the packing cubes had a compression feature, we tested that out.

  • Design: Once fully packed, we ensured all the features worked effectively, including zippers, labels, and see-through panels. We also determined how durable the cubes seemed once packed to the brim.

  • Water Resistance: Finally, we tested to see if each cube was waterproof or water-resistant by splashing water on the exterior.

After thoroughly testing each packing cube, we rated each set based on the following attributes: capacity, design, quality, and overall value. The products with the highest average scores earned their spot on this PEOPLE-Tested list of the best packing cubes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of packing cubes?

Packing cubes are designed for two reasons: They organize your suitcase and compress garments, thereby making the most of the limited space. According to Cuan Hanly, Away's chief design officer, packing cubes are helpful when packing everything from smaller items like socks and undergarments to larger garments like jeans, dresses, and shirts.

Is it better to pack with or without packing cubes?

While it comes down to a matter of preference, using packing cubes can seriously help streamline any suitcase. According to Hanley, the best benefit of packing cubes is that they allow people to pack smarter. “You can group your clothes by day or by destination to avoid digging through your suitcase looking for that one specific item you need,” Hanly says. “If you want to take it to another organizational level, you can even use different color cubes for different items to stay on top of what you packed where.”

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