9 Basement Paint Color Ideas That Will Make the Space Feel More Open and Inviting

Transform this sometimes drab space into your favorite room in the house.

<p>James Merrell</p>

James Merrell

When you think of a basement, you may initially imagine a drab, dark room with low ceilings and minimal light. While that may be true for some, finished basements are becoming increasingly popular, offering expanded living, working, and entertaining space. Part of finishing your basement is choosing the right paint color to complement not only the space’s unique features, but the rest of your home's décor. To help you transform this sometimes lackluster room, we're sharing several basement paint colors that will make your space feel more inviting.

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Light Blue



Basements typically have few windows, if any, creating a lack of natural light. For spaces with limited light, opt for bright colors, like a soothing blue. Behr's Watery—a cool sea foam blue is perfect for a dark room because it gives a calming feeling, says Alexandra von Gymnich-Scully, interior designer and owner of Rustic Rooster Interiors.

Cool White

<p>Heidi Harris</p>

Heidi Harris

When it comes to interior paint, there is an entire rainbow of colors that fall under the umbrella of white. If you're looking for the perfect hue, consider Benjamin Moore’s Super White. “It makes the space look larger and brightens the room up,” says von Gymnich-Scully. “It’s perfect for a basement that has low ceilings and a lot of ceiling angles.”

Deep Red

<p>Farrow & Ball</p>

Farrow & Ball

Deep reds, rich browns, and charcoals are becoming popular choices, especially for media room basements, says Kerrie Kelly, CEO and creative director of Kerrie Kelly Studio. One of her top choices for a bold shade of red for basements is Sherwin-Williams’ Red Bay. The rich hue helps create a warm, intimate atmosphere. Farrow & Ball's Incarnadine is a similarly rich crimson that will provide the same depth.

Soft Gray

<p>Cyndi Monaghan / Getty Images</p>

Cyndi Monaghan / Getty Images

Soft gray is a true neutral that will brighten your basement while still providing a bit of warmth. Benjamin Moore’s Oystershell is one of von Gymnich-Scully’s tried and true favorites for basements. The gray hue with subtle blue undertones is cool, lightening, and brightening. “It’s nice on walls with low ceilings,” says von Gymnich-Scully. Oystershell pairs nicely with not only deeper blues, but various whites, grays, and greens. A darker gray on board and batten wainscoting with a lighter shade on top is another way to use gray to open up a room.

Navy Blue

<p>James Merrell</p>

James Merrell

Basements may be hidden away beneath your home, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. “Consider adding darker accents or feature walls for depth and contrast,” says Meredith Huck, owner and principal designer of House of Huck. Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy HC-154 is a great choice. The timeless shade pairs effortlessly with a wide range of whites, grays, beige, and tan, adding a classic maritime touch, says Huck.

Light Greige

<p>onurdongel / Getty Images</p>

onurdongel / Getty Images

Greige lies at the intersection of beige and gray, but it can be hard to find the perfect harmony between these two colors. That's where Benjamin Moore’s Natural Cream comes in—it's the perfect basement shade and is on the light side of the greige spectrum. “It’s a very neutral color,” says von Gymnich-Scully. “It can be cream, it can be tan, and it also can come off as a shade of mushroom."

Muted Green

<p>Getty Images</p>

Getty Images

Muted green paint is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in, which is especially welcome in basements with minimal natural light. Looking for the perfect shade? Try Sherwin-Williams’ Sea Salt—a favorite of Kelly's, who suggests pairing the color with decorative elements that add texture and warmth, like plush area rugs, cozy cocooning seating options, and layered lighting.

Burnished Clay

<p>hikesterson / GETTY IMAGES</p>

hikesterson / GETTY IMAGES

When choosing paint colors for basements, opting for light hues will brighten the space and counteract the lack of natural light, says Huck. Clay paint colors, like Behr’s Burnished Clay, are a great pick for basements or any darker space, for that matter. The neutral shade can also be paired with deeper shades from a wide range of coordinating colors for a more dynamic look.


<p>Meredith Huck</p>

Meredith Huck

White is a wonderful neutral tone that serves as a versatile backdrop in any space. If you're looking for a white shade that doesn't feel stark, consider an off-white like Sherwin Williams’ Pure White, says Huck. It has a subtle yellow undertone, creating a more calming feel than a bright white, and looks beautifully cozy in warm light.

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