An 89-year-old pizza man became a TikTok sensation — then, he got the tip of a lifetime

89-year-old Derlin Newey, who works for a Papa John’s in Roy, Utah, is well past the age of retirement. he works around 30 hours a week delivering pizza for the chain, according to KSL-TV. That fact took Carlos Valdez by surprise. On September 14, he posted a video to TikTok of Newey delivering his family’s pizza. “What is this guy doing delivering Pizzas? True hustler,” Valdez captioned the post. Users began calling for a “Venmo challenge” — a social media trend where strangers work together to send money to someone in need. the TikToker asked his nearly 70,000 followers to chip in. In another clip, the Valdezes sit Newey down and explain that their community worked together to donate “$0.50 to a dollar”. “And, collectively, because there are thousands of people that love you,” Valdez says in the video, “We collected over $12,000 for you”. Newey appears overcome with emotion in the video and ultimately hugs Valdez and his wife, telling them he loves them