It's Been 8 Years Since Gossip Girl Ended, and We're Still Swooning Over Chuck Bass's Style

Chuck Bass has one of the most iconic wardrobes on Gossip Girl. Just like Blair Waldorf's penchant for headbands and pencil skirts, Ed Westwick's character had his own signature and was almost always seen in a tailored suit paired with a colorful tie (and matching silk pocket square, of course!), With the news of the Gossip Girl spinoff coming to HBO Max this year, it was only a matter of time before we started to rewatch old episodes and relive these stylish moments. (Some people have even found hysterical fashion blunders, like Serena's sweatpants-over-dress debacle, while rewatching the show!)

Much like his charming personality, Chuck's wardrobe is also pretty one of a kind, thanks to costume designer Eric Daman. Starting with season one, Chuck makes a major impression with his now-infamous red plaid scarf. Whether it's 90 degrees or 10 degrees, Chuck always has the perfect suit for every occasion, ranging from linen to wool. We particularly love that his pajama and robe collection is on brand, too - you won't find any old tees hiding in his closet! Ahead, please enjoy 15 style moments from the show we can't stop reliving.


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