8 Years of Progress Since Rayssa Leal's Viral 'Fairy Heelflip' – Witness Her Incredible Journey (Watch)

Street League hopped on Instagram to reflect on the incredibly progressive eight years that have passed since Rayssa Leal's viral "Fairy Heelflip" video took the world by storm.

"8 years ago to the day, a young @rayssalealsk8 made her name known with this Heelflip," wrote SLS on Instagram. "What’s your favorite SLS memory of Rayssa?"

To say it's amazing what Rayssa has accomplished so far just isn't heavy enough; amazing is too light of a word. It's almost useless to mention all she's accomplished because the list keeps growing every single day.

It's one of skateboarding's most incredible stories, though. A very rare case of how a viral video on social media led to one of the most impressive careers our little (well, growing) subculture has ever witnessed—or should I say, is currently witnessing, even as I write this.

I personally remember the day that clip was posted. We shared it on Transworld just like all the other skateboarding—and national news—outlets were doing. It was a perfect piece of content for that time and place.

Admittedly, I would've never thought it'd lead to what it did, but that clip changed Rayssa's life and we're forever grateful for it.

She has so much to accomplish and we're stoked to be on the frontlines watching it all go down!

Video / @sls

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