8-Year-Old Amputee Gets Iron Man Bionic Arm

An eight-year-old amputee from Lynnfield, Massachusetts, has been fitted with a custom-made Iron Man prosthetic, manufactured by Open Bionics.

Footage shows eight-year-old Sam Halpern testing out his new, Marvel-themed “Hero Arm” after fitting at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield.

According to Open Bionics, Sam had to have both his legs and his right hand amputated after contracting a rare strep infection in 2018.

“Having a hand that is functioning more as a traditional hand that you or I might have improves his quality of life significantly,” said Sam’s mother, Michelle.

She said the arm allows him to hold a baseball bat, as well as pick up small objects, something which he wasn’t able to do.

“He’s living life and we can’t ask for anything more,” she added. Credit: Open Bionics via Storyful