8 Menswear Brands Winning the Internet—Bookmark Them Now!

I’m a late adapter: I had a Blackberry until a year ago; I write emails like they’re letters. And I’m no different with style. I’ve never really gone in for a trend; most of the spots I shop—be it for a coat, razor or cologne—are the same ones I’ve been visiting for years. Arriving here, at a place where I can tout a favorite menswear site, never mind eight of them, has been a journey. And yet, I love that I can click around online and a whole new wardrobe (or living room, or grooming regimen) will land on my doorstep a few days later.

Don't get me wrong, I still have an aversion to fast fashion, but the following websites have managed to craft their goods in a considered way, producing high quality products that if I'm excited about, you will be too. They want you to take your time, an ethos backed up by increasingly inexpensive (mostly free) shipping and return policies, which lend themselves to trying things on, and customer service standards beyond reproach.

These sites know there’s a gap between the virtual and real experience, so they’ve taken pains to mind it for you. With that said, you won’t find suiting on this list. You should buy your suits in person. Nothing is sacred and time is short, but trust me: you want to try on a suit. (Though by all means, if you know you’re a 40 in J. Crew’s Ludlow, grab one at their online sale; grab three.) You want to see how it moves and breathes; you want to examine your tailoring options. For everything else, these sites have got you covered.