8 Hand Sanitizers For Kids and Babies That Don't Contain Methanol

As parents, we do everything to keep our kids safe, and that means providing them with masks and hand sanitizer amid COVID-19. While hand-washing is the best way to prevent your family from catching the coronavirus, hand sanitizer is a great option when that isn't possible. In July, the Food and Drug Administration recalled 87 hand sanitizers because they contained the toxic substance methanol - otherwise known as wood alcohol - which obviously means they're unsuitable options for little ones.

Fortunately, there are plenty of hand sanitizer brands out there that don't contain any methanol whatsoever, whether you're looking for an on-the-go version to clip to your child's backpack or you simply need to restock. Ahead, find our favorite kid-friendly options, and be sure to stock up before back-to-school season! And if you're feeling particularly inspired, try DIYing some yourself!


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