8 Delicious Keto Breakfast Ideas That Won't Make You Feel Like You're on a Diet

If eating healthy is a priority for you, you’re probably already familiar with the keto diet by name, if not by practice. In the last couple of years, this low-carb regimen has attracted followers who stick to eating routines packed with healthy fats and oils that’ll get them to a state of "ketosis"—which otherwise means burning fats instead of carbohydrates for energy. As nutritionist Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, told MyDomaine earlier this year, "This can be helpful for supporting exercise recovery, dealing with cravings, and improving energy levels."

While this isn’t necessarily a long-term solution for healthy eating, the keto diet is something to look into if you’re curious to see what all the buzz is about. We found eight keto recipe ideas to try for breakfast, which include everything from simple omelets to blueberry muffins and even a taco skillet. Given that all of these recipes are loaded with flavors, and most can be made quickly, it won’t be hard to get a handle on what the keto diet is all about. Read on to see what keto breakfast recipes you can make as soon as tomorrow morning.

On the surface, it may look as though Taylor Kiser from Food Faith Fitness created a simple granola recipe, but it’s more than that. Cashews, almonds, coconut flakes, and chia seeds give it layered textures and crunch while vanilla and coconut oil provide irresistible flavor. There’s also a dash of sea salt involved, for even more dimension. “You want the granola to be very golden brown when it’s done cooking, although it won’t feel crunchy yet,” she explains. “This could take another five to 15 minutes, so watch it in the last few minutes of baking.”

This recipe from Root and Revel is the perfect breakfast to make for mornings on the go. The individual balls are made from coconut milk, butter, and oil that’s been combined with vanilla extract, maple syrup, and cinnamon. The mixture is refrigerated for an hour and then formed into balls. “To store, transfer your finished fat bombs to an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to two weeks,” recipe creator Kate says.

This casserole from Food Faith Fitness is an easy way to make a flavorful but healthy breakfast on a Saturday morning. In this recipe, Taylor Kiser layers Italian sausage, pine nuts, red peppers, and parmesan into a baking dish and then tops the bubbling meal with basil when it’s done. After that, all you need to do is grab a knife and fork. “It’s the kind of easy brunch that basically makes itself in the sense that the only ‘work’ that your busy-person-self has to do is cook sausage and crack a few eggs,” she says.

The team behind Hello Glow has concocted a breakfast smoothie with flavors that’ll remind you of vacation—so perhaps a Monday serving will do. This recipe, which was reprinted from Meredith Cochran’s The 7-Day Bone Broth Diet Plan, uses bone broth as a base but blends it with coconut milk, coconut cream, lime, and cilantro for a savory but sweet concoction. “It might seem strange to add bone broth to a smoothie, but bone broth smoothie recipes are trending for a reason: they taste good,” says the recipe.

Looking for a classic breakfast recipe that’s been transformed to fit this routine? Say hello to this option from Food Faith Fitness, which outlines how to make beautiful blueberry muffins within the keto guidelines. It all comes down to the unexpected additions of monk fruit, almond flour, and unsweetened applesauce, which are mixed in with baking powder, sea salt, and the obvious fresh berry. “Stick to nut flours—hazelnut, cashew, etc.—and you’ll have success,” she says.

If you’re craving something more sweet than savory, try Peace, Love, and Low Carb’s taco breakfast skillet recipe. This showstopper is packed with all the fixings‚ from sharp cheddar and ground beef to salsa and sour cream, which will really help you look forward to the morning. “Making a dish like this over the weekend can be a lifesaver on those hectic weekday work mornings,” says Kyndra Holley. “When you have a meal prepped and ready to go that you can just heat and eat, it gives you the ability to focus on the other matters of the morning—like getting your kids out the door on time.”

Hello Glow’s Keto bone broth latte seems like an unconventional way to get the day started, but you’ll be glad you took the risk once you taste how good this is (especially if you’re feeling under the weather). In this recipe, chicken bone broth is blended with coconut oil, turmeric, and lemon juice until frothy. A dash of sea salt is added at the end. “The result is a comforting latte that will heal your body from the inside,” the recipe notes.

We’ll take a cue from Halle Barry when it comes to the ideal keto breakfast and make this recipe from Half Baked Harvest when we need something delicious, healthy, and filling. Barry recently shared that she eats a red pepper avocado omelet on this diet, and that isn’t far from what Tieghan Gerard of the popular food blog has to offer. In this recipe, she combines arugula, avocado, and sun-dried tomatoes into six eggs, and tops it off with bacon, too. “Anything goes here, but never skimp on good eggs, butter, cheese and um, carbs, can’t forget those,” she says.

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