The 8 Best Weeding Tools on Amazon for a Flourishing Garden, Starting at $13

Sanah Faroke
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Beautifying your garden in spring with colorful new plants is an exciting time. Along with planting, it's also a good idea to clear out unwanted (and sometimes aggressive) plants like dandelions, crabgrass, or plantain. These weeds can compete with garden plants for much-needed water, nutrients, and sunlight, causing them to "die off and not produce flowers or fruit," explains Megh Wingenfeld, a flower farmer and blogger.

Investing in a few durable weeding tools can help give your garden a clean slate and make sure your hard work delivers the results you want. When choosing a removal tool, it's important to think about what kind of weeds you're tackling, how large your garden or yard is, and how comfortable the gadget feels in your hand.

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While there are so many weeding tool options out there, Tara Nolan, author of Gardening Your Front Yard and co-owner of Savvy Gardening, says it really comes down to personal preference. “Whether it's a soil knife or a Cobrahead, you really don't need a lot of weeding tools, just something that's good quality,” she says. Her tip? Look for craftsmanship over aesthetics and opt for tools with a comfortable or ergonomic design that will go easy on your hands, knees, and back.

Ready to start shopping for your next go-to weeder? This list of the best weeding tools on Amazon will help you pick out the right option for removing unwanted plants from your garden.

Best Hand Weeder: CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator Garden Tool

Whether you’re new to gardening or tired of pulling weeds by hand, the CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator is one basic tool to consider. Niki Jabbour, author of Growing Under Cover and co-owner of Savvy Gardening, says the short-handle CobraHead has been her go-to weeding tool for over a decade. It has a durable steel blade with a curved design to help get deep into the ground and pull out weeds, plus a cultivating tip to easily work around plants and section off rows during planting. “It’s durable and great for seeding, transplanting, and weeding,” Jabbour says. “I also love the brightly colored handle that stands out in the green of a garden.”

Buy It: CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator Garden Tool ($30, Amazon)

Best Value: Nisaku Hori-Hori Weeding and Digging Knife

A soil knife (also known as a hori-hori garden knife) can plow through the ground and uproot unwanted plants with ease. Wingenfeld says the Japanese gardening tool is ideal for “popping out” larger weeds. This one from Nisaku is not only affordable, it’s also made with a quality stainless steel blade and a wooden handle that’s made to last. Plus, it has a serrated edge on one side that Wingenfeld explains can saw through a stubborn weed’s roots hiding under the soil.

Buy It: Nisaku Hori-Hori Weeding and Digging Knife ($19, Amazon)

Best for Dandelions: Fiskars Grip Hand Weeder

Dandelions that appear in your yard can be a bit of a pain to remove. That’s because they have a long tap root that anchors them in the ground. And if you feel like they just never die, it’s probably because, even after weeding, a tiny piece of the root can sprout again. That’s why seasoned gardeners like Nolan keep a dandelion weeder handy. This one from Fiskars is ideal for getting hold of long dandelion roots with the forked tip and delivers leverage support, thanks to its curved head. Those who have arthritis will also appreciate its soft, ergonomic handle, too.

Buy It: Fiskars Grip Hand Weeder ($13, Amazon)

Best Stand-Up Weeder: Radius Garden Pro Stainless Weeder

Anyone who has weeded in the garden knows that it can involve hours of sitting or kneeling on the ground. Jessica Walliser, author of Plant Partners and co-owner of Savvy Gardening, especially likes using a stand-up weeder because you “never have to bend over, and it often gets the whole root,” making it ideal for anyone with back or joint pain. The Radius Garden stainless steel weeder uses a digging motion that lifts out weeds with deep roots. Its strong, 12-inch blade can penetrate soil, but it's narrow enough to slip in among your garden plants to get at weeds. It also has a circular handle for added comfort.

Buy It: Radius Garden Pro Stainless Weeder ($60, Amazon)

Best Soil Knife: A.M. Leonard Classic Soil Knife

The A.M. Leonard soil knife is a weeding tool essential—and it also happens to be Nolan’s favorite gardening hand tool. The smartly designed knife has a slightly curved steel blade that’s sturdy enough for digging, a straight and serrated edge to cut deep roots or tough stems, and a pointed tip to uproot unwanted plants in tight spots. Nolan says she uses it to “slice into compacted soil so I can get right to the root and pull out the whole weed.” Bonus: It does a great job removing weeds from patio edges.

Buy It: A.M. Leonard Classic Soil Knife ($32, Amazon)

Best for Patios: Grebstk Crack Weeder

It can be challenging to deal with weeds that find their way in between patio pavers, pathways, and even driveways. For a non-chemical (and safer) alternative, go with the Grebstk Crack Weeder that has an L-shape blade designed specifically to clean out undesirable plants and grass growing in narrow spaces. The 2.4-inch stainless steel blade tip pulls weeds out of tight spots and the sharp edges can slice weeds off at soil level.

Buy It: Grebstk Crack Weeder ($19, Amazon)

Best Stirrup Hoe: True Temper Looped Action Hoe Cultivator

For a big impact with minimal effort, you can’t go wrong with a stirrup hoe. In fact, Wingenfeld says it’s “a must in every gardener’s tool kit.” While it doesn’t have intense serrated edges or pointy blades, you’ll be surprised how effectively a tool like this works, and the True Temper Looped Action Hoe is one of the very best. The Amazon best-seller has a looped steel blade that slices and uproots small weeds via a smooth push-pull motion. Wingenfeld points out that the design allows you “move through soil with little disruption,” which helps keep things looking neat and tidy as you work.

Buy It: True Temper Looped Action Hoe Cultivator ($33, Amazon)

Best Claw Weeder: Worth Garden Stand-Up Claw Weeder

With an innovative claw extractor design, this stand-up weeding tool ensnares stubborn weeds right down from the root and removes the whole thing in one go. Easy on joints, the Worth Garden claw weeder is designed with five steel claws that go around the pesky plant without you ever having to bend over. Use the foot lever to push the claws into the ground before pulling it up with the weed securely attached. Simple, right? It even has a release button that drops the weed without having to finagle it off by hand. It's especially handy for dealing with prickly weeds such as thistles.

Buy It: Worth Garden Stand-Up Claw Weeder, ($30, Amazon)