8 best standing desks that can make working from home a breeze

Edward Chester
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Choose from a whole replacement that moves electronically, to smaller and cheaper on-desk sollutions (iStock)
Choose from a whole replacement that moves electronically, to smaller and cheaper on-desk sollutions (iStock)

There are few easier and quicker ways of helping to alleviate the aches, pains and long-term damage of sitting all day than by switching from a conventional desk to one that allows you to stand up once in a while.

Standing helps with posture, keeps you moving, improves circulation and much more besides. It’s not a cure all, but being able to break up your periods of sitting down with a half an hour here and there of standing is a great way to improve your productivity and wellbeing.

You may not want to be standing all day, which is where getting an adjustable standing desk comes in. These offer the ability to alter the height of your working area so that you can switch from sitting down to standing up without having to otherwise move or rearrange your desk area.

There are two main choices to be made when seeking a standing desk, or sit-stand desk if you will. Either you can opt for a whole desk replacement or an on-desk solution.

The former means you get the full expanse of your desk to work with at whatever height you like, but it means replacing your existing desk. You can buy adjustable desk legs on their own so that you can keep your existing desk surface, but obviously this is no good if your desk doesn’t have a removable top. The other bonus with full-size adjustable desks is that you can lower them to below the height of normal desks, making them potentially more comfortable when sitting too.

Meanwhile, on-desk solutions allow you to keep your existing desk, and they’re often cheaper, but you generally only get enough adjustable desk space for your computer. To help you pick your way through the many different standing desk/sit-stand options, we’ve spent the last few weeks testing the very latest offerings. We looked at how stylish they were, how easy they are to install, how easy they are to adjust, build quality and of course price.

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