8 Best Lyrics From Bruno Mars & Cardi B's Song 'Finesse' That Make Killer Instagram Captions

Emily Blackwood
Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Finesse lyrics, Grammys
Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Finesse lyrics, Grammys

Last night, Bruno Mars and Cardi B basically stole the Grammys.

Dancing on stage in colorful outfits straight from the 90s, the duo rocked the house with their hit song "Finesse." Which, if you haven't heard already, is a total banger.

Cardi B and Mars released their collaboration earlier this year with a music video that'll have you missing Fresh Prince of Bel-Air marathons and rocking denim baseball caps backwards.

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Side note: And after years of being scarred by Miley Cyrus, Cardi has made it okay to stick out your tongue again. Thank god.

After it was released, the remix became the first song in 2018 to debut at No. 1 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart. This was Cardi B's first Grammy Awards and her number one single "Bodak Yellow" received two nominations, including Best Rap Song.

Mars, on the other hand, took home won in all six of the categories he was nominated for, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year for the sing, "That's What I Like."

It's not news to anyone that Cardi B and Mars know how to make a song. But "Finesse" is more than just something to jam out to when you're out with your friends. Here are the best lyrics that make killer captions for your next Instagram photo:

1. "We out here drippin' in finesse."

Obviously a classic, this line is perfect for that photo you took of you and your bestie all dressed up for a night out. You want to be subtle about your hotness, but not too subtle, ya feel?

Will garner over 100 likes and maybe a few DMs from your secret admirers.

2. "Blame it on my confidence."

Captioning a killer selfie is sometimes seemingly impossible. Ditch the overdone "fire-hair flip-nails emoji combo" and add a little finesse to your social media game.

Your frenemy will purposely not like it because she's so annoyed.

3. "Shut that sh-t down on sight."

Your first thought might be to use this as a caption for a candid (and by candid I mean that you harassed your friend into taking 500 photos of you "looking away") photo of a night out. However, it would also nicely compliment a pic of a particularly large meal you're about to eat.

One will attract some creepy DMs from guys you've ghosted and the other will get you follows from random local foodie accounts. Choose wisely.

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4. "Bossed up and I changed my game."

This caption is for those times in a woman's life when she needs to let certain people know that they effed up. Pair it with a cute selfie or legit evidence of your life upgrades (new car, house, man, nails, etc.).

Your ex won't like it, but he will almost definitely text you in two weeks.

5. "Flexin' on the 'gram like ayy."

Your followers will appreciate the honest cockiness of this caption, especially if it's paired with an equally silly photo. Do not post alongside one of those "candid" portraits. Could be a great time to try out the "tongue out" pose that Cardi B brought back for us.

Expect tons of likes — and tons of copycats.

6. "Don't we look good together?"

This cheeky line goes best with a cute photo of you and your boo. It's especially effective if his ex-girlfriend has been a little "too" active on his feed lately.

All of your friends will comment on how adorable you guys are. The ex-girlfriend will block you.

7. "Don't it feel so good to be us?"

This caption pairs perfectly with a group photo of you and your ladies. The optimal setting would be, of course, brunch.

That one girl who was never really in your crew but always acts like she is will comment with three fire emojis and then ask you out for drinks.

8. "Got all them girls shook."

Save this caption for when you're in the middle of some unnecessary drama, you're feelin' salty and you need to not-so-subtly let everyone know you're over it.

You'll get a screenshot notification from that one person who doesn't know Instagram notifies screenshots. Respond back with a kissy face emoji for extra saltiness.

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