The 8 Best Electric Razors of 2023

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The Braun Electric Razor tops our list with its streamlined design and portable charging and cleaning station.

<p>Verywell Health / Kevin Liang</p>

Verywell Health / Kevin Liang

Getting a clean shave can take some work, especially when you factor in the various shaving creams, grooming tools, and the sheer amount of time spent staring into the mirror as you cover every contour. It’s not always easy to find those extra precious minutes in the morning as you are heading out the door.

The Braun Electric Razor provides an amazing shave for both wet and dry hair, making it our top pick for 2023. If you’re looking for a heated option, the Gilette Heated Razor provides a luxurious shaving experience, with two heat settings.

For folks who want a quick and close shave—i.e., the kind that won’t result in a ton of razor burn and skin irritation—an electric razor might be just what you’re looking for. To help you find your perfect razor, we talked to a dermatologist, compared a wide variety of electric razors, and read through customer reviews to build our list of the best electric razors to add to your daily grooming routine.

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Waterproof Foil Shaver, Series 9

Best Overall


  • Works with water, shaving foam, or gel

  • Recharageable battery for one full hour of use on a single charge

  • Combines five different shaving elements to trim more hair per stroke

  • Built with technology to adjust the razor’s power to the density of your hair


  • Not ideal for shaving your head

It seems like the manufacturer thought of everything when designing the Braun Electric Razor, Series 9. It has a streamlined design and portable charging and cleaning station. The razor’s head is made up of four unique shaving elements and a skin guard, so that each shave is as smooth and effective as possible. This also ensures you won’t need to shave the same area over and over.

Featuring a rechargeable ion battery, this razor also comes with its own cleaning and charging station. Each razor set includes an alcohol-based cleaning solution to self-clean your razor in between uses. Best of all, it can be used on both wet and dry hair and is waterproof when submerged up to five meters under water.

And while we haven’t fully tested this product category yet, members of our team (and their partners) use this razor and sing its praises. We find it to be great for heavy beards—especially for those who think a razor can’t ever get as close of a shave as a blade can. It impresses with how close of a shave it delivers and how easy it is to use. And with the Braun Series 9, nicks and cuts are a thing of the past.

Price at time of publication: $299

Key Specs:
Charge Type:
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery | Battery Life: About 60 minutes of use after one-hour charge | Swivel Head: No | Additional Features: 4-in-1 design; carrying case; cleaning and charging station

Remington All-in-One Grooming Kit

Best Budget


  • Includes six attachments and a travel case

  • Self sharpening steel blades

  • Rechargable battery with 65-minute runtime

  • Attachments are geared to for beard and stubble trimming


  • Battery life is limited compared to more expensive models

  • Could cause small cuts if skin is not pulled taut when shaving.

When you’re looking to groom and freshen up, nothing beats an even and trim beard length. This razor from Remington is a great choice for a quick but smooth beard trim, at an unbeatable price. It comes with a drawstring carrying bag and six different attachments that let you do everything from a quick uniform shave down to finer detail work.

The battery is rechargeable, but it may run down over time. The stainless steel blades are strong and durable. Overall, for such a low price, you’ll get a lot more than what you paid for.

Price at time of publication: $21

Key Specs:
Charge Type:
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery | Battery Life: 65 minutes | Swivel Head: No | Additional Features: Carrying case and six attachments for uniform beard length; ear and nose hair trimmer

Gillette Heated Razor for Men

Best Heated


  • Heats up in seconds with an adjustable temperature button

  • Large range of motion

  • Magnetic docking and wireless charging

  • Waterproof


  • Blade replacements aren’t widely available

Back in the day at the barber shop, you might have gotten a warm towel placed over your face before a shave to help soften your facial hair. The Gilette Heated Razor puts the same luxury in the palm of your hand.

Shaped like a traditional handheld Gillette razor, this special heated razor is easy to use. The heating pad can warm up in seconds and has two heat settings. The razor is also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath.

Price at time of publication: $210

Key Specs:
Charge Type:
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery | Battery Life: 60 minutes | Swivel Head: Yes | Additional Features: Heated pad; waterproof

Braun MGK3260 8-in-1 Styling Kit Beard Trimmer & Body Groomer

Best for Faces


  • Comes with four snap-on combs that allow for 13 different length settings

  • Also features a Gillette Fusion 5 Pro Glide razor for the closest shave

  • Great for beards and full-body grooming

  • Ear and nose hair trimmer attachment included


  • Rechargeable AAA battery can lose its ability to hold a charge over time

  • No carrying case

Getting that perfect, uniform beard length can be impossible without the right tools. Whether your bear is a bit too long or you accidentally cut it too short,  this Braun 8-in-1 styling kit might be just what you’re looking for.

Thanks to four different snap-on length guides, you can trim your beard (or the hair on your entire body, for that matter) down to 13  uniform lengths. The additional ear and nose hair trimmer and Gillette razor makes this a versatile kit for whole-body hair care..

Price at time of publication: $40

Key Specs:
Charge Type:
Rechargeable AAA battery (included) | Battery Life: 80 minutes | Swivel Head: No | Additional Features: Six snap-on attachments; bonus Gilette razor

Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Shaver

Best for Legs


  • Great for legs, underarms, and bikini area

  • Pearl-tipped trimmers limit irritation or accidental cuts

  • Includes a travel bag and three trimmer heads

  • Ergonomic design that’s easy to use and travels well


  • Doesn’t work when plugged in

  • Doesn’t give as close of a shave as a straight razor

  • Requires eight hours to fully charge

For anyone who shaves their legs in the bath or when they are just coming out of the shower, a razor that can trim wet hair is a must. This razor can be used on your legs and underarms and comes with a soft glide cap to help cover your bikini area.

You’ll also receive a handy travel bag and three different trimming heads for light trimming, a smoother glide, or a more efficient shave. The ergonomic design is easy to use as you maneuver the razor across your body, and the pearl-tip blades reduce irritation by gliding across your skin instead of scraping.

Price at time of publication: $43

Key Specs:
Charge Type:
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery  | Battery Life: 60 minutes | Swivel Head: Yes | Additional Features: Travel bag; three trimmer heads

Philips Norelco Shaver 5300

Best Showerproof


  • One hour runtime from a full-hour charge

  • Three 360-degree rotary blades that can flex up to angles of 30 degrees each

  • Replacement blades available

  • Quick pop-up trimmer for closer shaves


  • Requires regular cleaning

  • Might take longer to fully shave than with other electric razors

Shaving in the shower is a great way to get a close shave, since your facial hair is softened by steam. As a bonus, clean up couldn’t be easier (thank you shower drain)! The Philips Norelco Shaver 5300 is perfect for a quick trim or a clean shave in the shower.

This razor features three rotary blades that can bend and flex independently over the contours of your face.  It also comes with a quick pop-up trimmer to clean up your sideburns. Best of all, it’s showerproof, meaning you can take it into the shower without fear of ruining it the minute it gets wet (it’s not 100% waterproof though, so don’t try using it at the bottom of a pool!).

Price at time of publication: $85

Key Specs:
Charge Type:
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery | Battery Life: 60 minutes | Swivel Head: Yes | Additional Features: Three 360-degree rotary blades; pop-up trimmer

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Best Pivoting Head


  • Multiple pivot points offer a wider range of flexibility

  • Five blades for a more efficient shave

  • Rechargeable battery gives 45 minutes of shaving after just one hour of charging

  • Includes a pop-up detail trimmer for more precise grooming


  • Battery capacity will reduce over time, meaning you will need to replace the battery or the entire razor if used often

  • May not give as close of a shave as some users might like

An electric razor with a pivoting head can give you a closer shave with fewer passes and reduce the chances of irritating the skin. The Panasonic Arc5’s pivoting head is capable of moving in 16 different directions, and the five-blade design provides a wider range of coverage for both wet and dry hair.

This razor also has a built-in shave sensor that can adjust its speed and power to better match the thickness of your hair so you aren’t going back over the same area over and over again because the shaving speed is too low. It’s easy and quick to charge, and the pop-up detail trimmer allows you to get a clean, precise shave.

Price at time of publication: $155

Key Specs:
Charge Type:
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery | Battery Life: 45 minutes  | Swivel Head: Yes | Additional Features: Multi-angle pivoting head with five blades

Manscaped The Tool Box 4.0

Best for Travel


  • Full body grooming kit with carrying case at a good price

  • Electric razor is waterproof for shower shaving

  • Ceremic blades and “SkinSafe” technology for full body shaving, including sensitive areas

  • Travel bag for easy transportation


  • Ceramic blades may crack or break if dropped

  • Anyone needing a very close shave will need to use the single-blade razor.

  • Primarily designed for body and pubic hair

It’s nearly impossible to have not seen at least one Manscaped ad on TV or YouTube. As Manscaped has grown in popularity as a brand, so have its grooming and hygiene offerings with various trimmers, lotions, deodorants, and razors.

This travel set not only features a nail kit, nose and ear hair trimmer, single-blade razor, and handled travel case, but it also includes their marquee Lawnmower 4.0 trimmer. This trimmer is waterproof and features a built-in LED light to help you better see the area you’re trimming and the soft ceramic blades help reduce the risk of cuts or pulling.

Price at time of publication: $140

Key Specs:
Charge Type:
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery | Battery Life: 90 minutes | Swivel Head: No | Additional Features: Snap-on guards for four trimming lengths; USB port charging; built-in LED light

How We Selected

When choosing our picks for the best electric razors, we talked to dermatologists and skin care experts to find out what features make a great electric razor. We choose razors that would give you a reliable shave and minimize the risk of cuts or skin irritation.

We combed through several online product listings to find the electric razors that closely matched our expert’s suggestions and had strong, positive reviews from users. We recognize that everyone’s shaving needs are different, which is why we chose a variety of different razors to accommodate several specific user needs.

What to Look For

It may seem like there are a lot of choices out there, and choosing the perfect electric razor might take some time and a little research. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re shopping.

Type of Blade

There are two types of blades that you’re likely to find in an electric razor: foil and rotary. Both types are effective for shaving and the main things to consider between the two are your shaving style and how often you will be using your razor. Rotary blades spin underneath the skin guard and can usually pivot around to help give a close shave even around an uneven area. These blades are ideal for trimming longer hairs or maintaining a beard.

Foil blades are full of several small holes that allow hair to enter, where they are then sliced by an internal blade. “The foil of an electric razor acts as a barrier between the blade and the skin, so the shave is close, but not so close that cuts are a concern,” explained Enrizza P. Factor, MD, a clinical dermatologist and researcher, in an interview with Verywell Health. However, while foil blades allow for a much closer shave than rotary blades, they can be difficult to use with longer, thicker hair.

Ease of Cleaning

Even if you use your electric razor for shaving dry hair, all those little hairs will start to accumulate in the razor, which can impact its effectiveness over time. “Not cleaning your razor blade can lead to debris and hair buildup, reducing the effectiveness of the blade,” shared Factor. “It may come with a cleaning station to make sure the razor is ready after each use to improve the process of sanitizing for the next time you need it.”

This is why you will want to prioritize a razor that is easy to clean. If you have a little extra in your budget and don’t want the hassle of regularly cleaning your razor, some of the more expensive electric razors come with their own docking and cleaning station. All you have to do is plug it in and forget about it!

Battery Life

One of the perks of an electric razor with a rechargeable battery is its portability. Each razor on this list features a rechargeable battery, so you can take it with you for a quick trim while you’re stuck in traffic during your commute or easily toss it in your suitcase while you travel.

Most razors advertise their approximate battery life on the packaging, so you will definitely want to consider this while you’re shopping. The razors on this list range from 45 minutes to over 90 minutes of battery life, with most of them averaging about 60 minutes from a single charge. If you’re going to be away from a power outlet for a while (or just can’t seem to remember to charge it after each use), choose a razor in the 90+ minute range. On the other hand, if you’re only planning on using it for quick touch-ups, 45 minutes is more than enough battery life to get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should you use an electric razor?

How often you use your electric razor depends on what kind of a shave you are looking for and how fast your hair grows back. Electric razors can get a very close shave but are not likely to get as close as a regular blade razor. If you need a very precise shave, you may find yourself reaching for your blade razor more often than your electric razor. If you like sporting a little stubble or just need a little beard or body hair trimming, you can use the electric razor a few times a week to maintain the desired length.

Factor pointed out that there will be an adjustment period when you start using an electric razor more often. “Your skin must adapt to an electric razor if you have switched from a razor blade. The skin will need to get used to and adapt to the way in which an electric razor removes hair follicles.”

Should I use an electric razor if I have sensitive skin?

Unless your skin is so sensitive that any degree of shaving can cause a negative reaction, an electric razor may be a great option for you. While traditional handheld blade razors can give a close shave, the constant friction and scraping across the skin while shaving can cause issues for those with sensitive skin. Electric razors, on the other hand, are built to require less direct contact with the skin and minimize the amount of time that the razor is on your skin.

“In general, electric shavers are better for sensitive skin because there's no chance for cuts, nicks and/or razor burn,” said Factor. “This doesn't mean that there's no irritation with electric razors, but they're generally easier on sensitive skin.”

In short, the less direct contact your razor has with your skin, the lower your chances of having an issue after shaving.

Is it safe to shave your pubic hair with an electric razor?

Yes, it is safe to shave your pubic hair with an electric razor, but you should use a razor that’s specifically built to shave that area of the body. “I wouldn't recommend using the standard rotary or foil electric shaver you use to shave your face for pubic hair,” says Factor. “It's an intimate and sensitive area, with thinner skin and more natural contours that you need to navigate.”

Since pubic hair is different than other types of hair on the body, it’s best to avoid using a razor that’s intended primarily for beard trimming on your pubic area. It’s also important to take your time when shaving this area. It’s a sensitive area, and rushing may cause irritation or increase the chance of cuts.

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