The 13 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets for Hot Sleepers, According to Reviews

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Balancing Weighted Blanket
Balancing Weighted Blanket

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realsimple - 159 Available at Baloo

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While weighted blankets are known for having tons of benefits (think: stress relief, improved sleep, and an overall calming effect on your body), sleeping with an extra 15 or 20 pounds isn't always easy when you're a hot sleeper. That's where cooling weighted blankets come in handy.

Made of breathable materials like organic cotton or bamboo, these cooling versions have moisture-wicking capabilities that help you feel sweat-free and comfortable. While the fabric often feels cool to the touch, it's important to note that most rely on temperature-regulating technology to prevent you from overheating—so you'll still need a window air conditioner or reliable tower fan in your bedroom during the summer.

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Since there are so many cooling weighted blankets available online, we scoured thousands of customer reviews to find the ones that are actually worth buying—we even had a few of our editors test some of these in real life. From an organic cotton option with thousands of Amazon reviews to a cooling version of the popular Gravity blanket, these customer-loved weighted blankets will help you relax and stay cool at night.

These are the best cooling weighted blankets to buy in 2021:

When shopping for a cooling weighted blanket, you'll also want to consider the weight. While the exact sizes will vary by brand, you can expect to find weights ranging from 12 to 20 pounds for most blankets. Brands typically recommend choosing a weighted blanket that's about 10 percent of your body weight, but some sites will even provide size charts or quizzes to help you make your decision. If your weighted blanket is too light, you might not notice any of the benefits. On the other hand, a weighted blanket that's too heavy could make you feel constricted.

Another thing to keep in mind is that weighted blankets are designed to be smaller than traditional comforters—they only need to be large enough to cover your body. If your blanket is too big, the weight will likely cause it to fall off the edge of your bed.

Keep reading to learn more about each of the best cooling weighted blankets and see why they come highly recommended by thousands of shoppers.

Best Overall: Luna Adult Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 5-30 pounds

With an average 4.6-star rating from more than 14,000 customers, Luna's cooling weighted blanket has clearly earned its spot as one of the best-selling options on Amazon. It's made of organic cotton that shoppers say feels soft and "cool to the touch." The weighted blanket is packed with plenty of convenient features, like ties around the edges that keep it attached to the cover and stitched pockets that allow for equal distribution of the glass beads.

Plus, it offers a wide variety of customization options. Along with 24 colors and patterns to choose from, it's available in weights ranging from five to 30 pounds and sizes suitable for twin, full, queen, and king beds. "I was actually really pleased with the quality," wrote one shopper. "Since it's made with cotton, it was super breathable at night and I didn't overheat at all. The weight makes me feel super secure like I'm being hugged all around."

Comfort Weighted Blanket
Comfort Weighted Blanket

Best Value: Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 5-25 pounds

If you want the benefits of a weighted blanket without breaking the bank, check out this affordable cooling blanket from Syrinx. At such an accessible price point, it's a budget-friendly way to see if weighted blankets are right for you before splurging on a pricier option. Although there are fewer options to pick from, it's still available in sizes ranging from three to 25 pounds and three neutral colors.

"I didn't think this blanket would make a big difference, but I actually feel comforted when using it," one person wrote. "It doesn't cure any insomnia issues, but it does help lower my anxiety so I'm not struggling to sleep as much as before. I do get hot at night and this blanket does not make it any hotter at all; in fact, on the first night I had to put my comforter on top of this so I wouldn't get cold."

Comfort Weighted Blanket
Comfort Weighted Blanket

Best Quality: Baloo Living Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 12-25 pounds

If you're looking for a high-quality weighted blanket to keep you sweat-free at night, this option from Baloo Living is a great choice. Shoppers rave about the quality of the blanket, with one person even saying it's "worth every penny." Made of super soft cotton and filled with glass beads, the cozy blanket has double-quilted stitches that help keep the beads in place. The full/queen size comes in 15- and 20-pound options, while the king-size option weighs 25 pounds. (There's also a 12-pound weighted throw blanket that works for twin beds.)

"The fabric is very soft and it is beautifully made!" said one customer. "I'm very impressed by the quality and even the classy packaging...Even in the heat of summer, it's not too hot but just a comfortable weight."

Comfort Weighted Blanket
Comfort Weighted Blanket

Best Bamboo: ZonLi Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 7 and 20 pounds

Bamboo is known for being a naturally breathable material, so ZonLi's cooling weighted blanket is especially great for hot sleepers. Made with two layers of bamboo viscose fabric, this option feels super soft and light on your skin, according to shoppers. Many reviewers note that this blanket is on the thinner side, which helps it feel breathable without sacrificing the weighted aspect. The brand even sells separate bamboo duvet covers that are specially designed to fit its blankets, which makes them more durable and easy to clean.

"The blanket feels wonderful as soon as it drapes over you, and I can feel stress and tension instantly release," wrote one reviewer. "This, coupled with guided sleep meditations, has greatly improved my quality of sleep—I am able to stay asleep longer with much less midnight awakenings, and easily able to fall back asleep if I do wake up."

Comfort Weighted Blanket
Comfort Weighted Blanket

Best for Year-Round Use: Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 5-30 pounds

This unique weighted blanket comes with two separate duvet covers—a warm, plush option for the winter and a cooling option for the summer—making it ideal for year-round use. The Degrees of Comfort blanket comes in weights ranging from five to 30 pounds, and unlike other weighted blankets that use plastic or glass beads, it uses ceramic ones that are designed to seamlessly distribute the weight.

Thousands of shoppers gave this multifunctional blanket positive reviews, with one person saying they only wish they'd purchased it sooner. Another wrote: "The biggest complaint that most people have about weighted blankets is that they are too hot, but the cooling cover really does help with that. Plus, I love that I can take the cover off and wash it!"

Comfort Weighted Blanket
Comfort Weighted Blanket

Most Popular: Gravity Cooling Blanket

Weight options: 15-35 pounds

Even though weighted blankets have been around for a while, they didn't become mainstream until Gravity Blankets launched a Kickstarter campaign back in 2017. This popular cooling weighted blanket is super similar to the brand's original version, the only difference being that it comes with a breathable duvet cover to wick away sweat. Even though it's a bit pricier than similar weighted blankets, owners rave about this well-known brand and many say it's well worth the price. Plus, shoppers love that it doesn't add any heat to their bodies and keeps them comfortable all night—even for hot sleepers.

"This purchase was for my second Gravity blanket, and it's even better than the first (which goes back to the Kickstarter campaign)," wrote one customer. "The weight is perfect, the contents are sewn securely into place, and, as someone that gets hot while sleeping, it doesn't cause me to overheat. I'll be using this one even in the winter!"

Comfort Weighted Blanket
Comfort Weighted Blanket

Best Organic: Bearaby Tree Napper

Weight options: 15-25 pounds

Perfect for anyone who doesn't want their weighted blanket to actually look like a weighted blanket, Bearaby Tree Nappers are a stylish (but still effective) alternative. They're hand-knit using a combination of organic cotton and Tencel, which is a sustainable material known for its cooling aspects. The chunky knit design, which provides weight without the need for beads, allows for maximum breathability—and it'll look great on your bed, too.

This cooling weighted blanket is so popular that it previously had a 21,000-person waitlist while it was sold out, according to the brand. It's also loved by our editors: "I was initially attracted to its chunky knit style, but I kept using it for its ability to help me fall (and stay) asleep without causing me to overheat at night," one wrote. If it happens to be out of stock when you're shopping, consider Bearaby's original weighted blanket—it's just as stylish and made of breathable organic cotton (without the Tencel).

Balancing Weighted Blanket
Balancing Weighted Blanket

Best Splurge: BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weight: 20 pounds

At just about $300, the BlanQuil Chill is the priciest cooling weighted blanket on this list. It's filled with glass beads and has a removable cover that has a honeycomb-like texture. The cover is machine-washable, but the material can pill pretty easily (and might feel rough if it's directly against your skin). Just keep in mind that only the 20-pound White Frost option is designed to be cooling—the rest are the original plush material.

Even though it's a splurge, it might be worth the extra money because one tester said they never thought they'd be so attached to blanket. "I absolutely love the slick feeling of sliding into bed with this cooling blanket," they wrote. "It's breathable and refreshing, and I never wake up feeling hot and sweaty the way I do with other blankets. The fabric is cooling, the weight is just right, and I wake up better rested and refreshed."

Lightweight Comforter
Lightweight Comforter

Best Large Option: YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 7-30 pounds

This YnM weighted blanket is made of bamboo fabric that shoppers say will "keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night," and many reviewers mention that they toss and turn significantly less while sleeping with it. If your partner wants to share a weighted blanket with you, there's even the option to get an extra-large version that's perfectly sized for two people. The 80-by-87-inch size is available in 20, 25, or 30 pounds, but you can also buy smaller weights and sizes that work for one person.

"I'm a very hot sleeper and I was concerned that I would overheat quickly in such a thick, heavy blanket," one customer wrote. "But the cooling blanket is remarkable—I'm never too hot or too cold. It retains very little or no heat. It always feels cool to the touch, and while it's heavy, it doesn't make me warm. I didn't believe it would work this well, but it does. It's like this blanket was made just for me!"

Comfort Weighted Blanket
Comfort Weighted Blanket

Best Cotton: Casper Sleep Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 10-20 pounds

Casper, the popular mattress-in-a-box brand, also makes weighted blankets. Designed with a breathable cotton cover, the weighted blanket helps promote airflow so you don't overheat at night. Its quilted design, which was inspired by down jackets, keeps all the tiny beads in place for evenly distributed weight. The blanket is available in three different weights (10, 15, or 20 pounds), and each measures 50-by-70 inches. You can buy it in other colors and weights on Casper's site or this separate Amazon listing.

"It's extremely comfortable and seriously curbs any anxiety or unsettling feeling the second I pull it over me," said a shopper. "It provided the right amount of weight against me and wasn't a burden to adjust myself throughout the evening. I sleep with a fan blowing toward me and I've never had an issue feeling 'too hot.'"

Balancing Weighted Blanket
Balancing Weighted Blanket

Best Machine-Washable: Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 8-18 pounds

While some cooling weighted blankets are spot-clean only, this bamboo option from Luxome is completely machine-washable—just remember to put it on a delicate cycle. Even a customer who was skeptical about throwing an 18-pound blanket in the wash was impressed by how "squeaky clean" it came out. Plus, it's made with bamboo lyocell, a material that's manufactured without harmful chemicals. "I love the bamboo cooling fabric," wrote one shopper. "It truly is [cool] to the touch—it does absorb some of your body heat, but I haven't overheated since using this… We've washed it so many times and the quality has continued to hold up."

Balancing Weighted Blanket
Balancing Weighted Blanket

Best Temperature-Regulating: Tranquility Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 12-20 pounds

If you're worried about feeling too chilly underneath your cooling weighted blanket, try this temperature-regulating option from Tranquility. It's designed with a special technology that will keep you cool in the heat and warm you up when it's cold. The weighted blanket comes in sizes ranging from 12 to 20 pounds, and the brand has a handy size chart to help you figure out which one to get based on your weight. And since it has a removable and washable cover, it's easy to clean up messes without having to wash the entire blanket. Our testers were also a fan of the brand's other cooling weighted blanket, which feels cool-to-the-touch and has "icy powers" (although it may be out of stock).

Balancing Weighted Blanket
Balancing Weighted Blanket

Best for Duvet Covers: Ourea 3.0 Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weight options: 5-25 pounds

Not all weighted blankets can be easily used with a duvet cover, but Ourea's cooling weighted blanket was designed with exactly that in mind. There are eight built-in loops along the perimeter that make it easy to attach your duvet cover without it moving around too much. This is helpful if you want to use a weighted blanket instead of a comforter or if you want to stick to a specific color scheme for all of your bedding. Plenty of customers recommend putting on a duvet cover to keep the blanket clean since it's not machine-washable, and many actually mentioned they wish they'd purchased one in the first place. (Ourea makes duvet covers, too.)

Balancing Weighted Blanket
Balancing Weighted Blanket