8 Air Mattresses Perfect For Hosting Overnight Guests

You never know when you're going to need an easy-setup air mattress. But when you inevitably do, it's best to be prepared with something high-quality and comfortable. An air mattress is great for overnight guests, especially when you live in a small space with limited bedrooms. It's portable and has an easy setup. It's useful during camping trips or if you are in a temporary-housing situation and subleasing. If you're in the market for an air mattress, we curated the best ones and broke down the specs ahead.

Air mattresses tend to get a bad rep for easily deflating after putting in too much effort to inflate them in the first place. Some even feel worse than sleeping on the ground. We rounded up the top eight options that have electric pumps that do all the hard work for you in just a few minutes. Some of these air mattresses let you adjust the firmness as well. You don't have to compromise on comfort either; these air mattresses have ultra-soft surfaces, and a few have a built-in headboard or a raised section that doubles as a pillow. One of them even comes with a removable mattress topper. However, you can also add a mattress-pad top to any of these options for extra comfort. Shop our top picks ahead.

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