8 Actresses Who Have Played Princess Diana on Screen

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It’s the royal news we needed the most during quarantine: There’s a new movie about Princess Diana to look forward to…and it stars Kristen Stewart in the title role. No matter how you feel about the casting decision, it got us thinking: How many other times have actresses tried to fill her shoes on the big (and small) screen? Here, eight performances worth checking out.

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Serena Scott Thomas, ‘Diana: Her True Story’

Based on Andrew Morton’s bestselling biography of the same name, this 1993 film follows Diana as she goes from young schoolteacher to fairy tale princess, battling everything from a bad marriage to bulimia along the way.

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Caroline Bliss, ‘Charles and Diana: A Royal Love Story’

Relive the dramatized version of the royal wedding of the century: The 1981 nuptials of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. (This film came out in 1982.)

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Julie Cox, ‘Princess in Love’

Anna Pasternak spilled the royal tea about Princess Diana’s alleged affair with Captain James Hewitt in her biography, which was also called Princess in Love. This TV movie—which came out in 1996—brought the book to life.

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Genevieve O’Reilly, ‘Diana: Last Days of a Princess’

This TLC documentary, released on the 10-year-anniversary of her death in 2007, reenacts the days leading up to Princess Diana’s fatal car crash in the Pont d’Alma Tunnel in Paris.

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Lesley Harcourt, ‘William & Catherine: A Royal Love Story’

She may only make a brief cameo in this 2011 Hallmark re-telling of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance, but it’s a memorable one.

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Naomi Watts, ‘Diana’

This 2013 biopic tells the story of Princess Diana’s secret relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, which took place during the last two years of her life. (Watts also shared that Princess Diana kept appearing in her dreams during filming, which made her feel like “permission was granted” for her to take on the role.)

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Emma Corrin, ‘The Crown’

A royal performance we’re waiting with baited breath to see: For the fourth season of The Crown, expected to be released later this year, Princess Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles is set to take center stage.

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Kristen Stewart, ‘Spencer’

This just-announced casting has Stewart playing Princess Diana during the three days when she realized that her relationship with Prince Charles was over. (Fun fact: The director, Pablo Larraín, is the same person who directed Natalie Portman in the Academy Award-nominated biopic, Jackie.)

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