75 Winter Date Ideas to Heat up Your Love Life

We've got the 75 best ideas for fun and cute winter dates!

Brr, it's getting cold out there. It's really easy for cabin fever to set in during the winter, and that can make even the sweetest love stories feel a bit stale after a while. It can be tempting to stay comfy-cozy inside on the couch, but after endless weekends of Netflix and chillin', you'll want to find something else to do in the chilly winter months.

So, whether you're a brand new couple looking for a first date idea, or you've been married for decades already, these winter date ideas will keep you and the object of your affection busy while also enabling you to get to know one another better and bond in unique ways.

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75 Winter Date Ideas

1. Embrace your firepit!

Bring blankets and snacks outside (or make s'mores!) and cozy up by the fire pit.

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2. Walk shelter dogs.

Animal shelters are usually flooded with furry friends, and they typically have fewer volunteers to spend time with animals outdoors when it's cold. Warm your heart (and maybe find a new best friend) with a couples' walk with a pet in need. Find an animal shelter or rescue near you.

3. Volunteer together.

Whether it's a soup kitchen, food bank, or phone banking for a local leader you support, volunteering together is a great way to bond.

4. Cook together.

Dinner is always more rewarding when you see all the work that went into it—and you're guaranteed (well, almost) to make something suited to each of your tastes.

5. Bake together.

Cake, bread, cookies, muffins for the morning—baking together is so much fun, and you get to reap the benefits when your goodies are done. The best part of baking together in the winter? It keeps you toasty!

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6. Warm up in an outdoor hot tub.

There are few things more awesome than being in a hot tub while it's snowing. Just make sure you have some warm towels nearby!

7. Go bar-hopping for hot toddies.

Instead of a drink on the rocks, opt for a beverage that will warm you beyond the slow burn of booze. Hot toddies are fantastic cold-weather drink options, and different bartenders and mixologists will put their own unique spins on the recipe.

8. Indulge in some grown-up hot cocoa.

Sophisticated hot chocolate options include Mexican hot chocolate, dark hot chocolate, cafe mochas, flavored hot chocolate (think raspberry or salted caramel) ... or even just your favorite mix spiked with peppermint schnapps. No judgment here! Customize your own with a DIY hot cocoa bar, or make stovetop creations by melting your favorite chocolates and adding flavored syrups, extracts and milk of your choice.

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9. Sit near the oven at a restaurant.

Chances are you have an eatery nearby with a visible oven—often pizzerias. If there is seating available near it, it makes for quite a cozy dining experience (and if it happens to be at the bar, you get the bonus of getting served extra quickly). If a restaurant has a fireplace, that is a great choice too.

10. Treat yourself to swanky coffee.

Whether you become your own barista at a home coffee bar or head to a fancy cafe, upgrade your usual hot cup of joe together to something fancier, frothier and a little more luxe for date night.

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11. Go for a tea tasting.

Never developed a taste for java? No sweat. A tea tasting is a great and fun way to warm up and titillate your tastebuds at the same time, and there are so many flavor options! Search online for tea specialty shops near you that host events, or scoop some up to brew at home.

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12. Go swimming!

Find a nearby hotel with an indoor pool and check in for just long enough to take a dip. Some hotels will let you just go swimming in the pool for a small fee without having to book a room, so be sure to call ahead to find out what your options are.

13. Enjoy a movie night.

Head to the local cinema or create the experience at home with dimmed lights, boxed snacks, fresh popcorn, and cushy seating with a brand new (or new to you!) flick.

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14. Play laser tag.

Whether you're on the same team or chasing one another around, it's a guaranteed good time.

15. Go on a hike.

Get some fresh air, a workout, and great views all at the same time.

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16. Go on a bowling date.

The snacks, the shoes, the strikes, and the spares—there's a reason bowling is a classic date idea all year round.

17. Craft together.

Whether you're learning to knit, building a birdhouse or just hitting up the local Color Me Mine, being creative together—whether or not your endeavor is ultimately a successful one in terms of aesthetics or artistic value—will help you bond. If your project turns out beautifully, you've got a sweet memento. If your project is a bust, it'll also give you something to laugh about!

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18. Enjoy a paint and sip class.

If you aren't the most artistic, think of the wine as making everything more beautiful for you.

19. Explore your hometowns.

Pretend you're tourists and explore your hometowns together. Is there a diner you hit up whenever you visit? A scenic overlook? A mom-and-pop shop you love? Share the experience like it's new.

20. Stargaze!

The good thing about it getting dark early is that you have more opportunities to stare at the night sky together.

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21. Build a blanket fort.

Go old school and have a pajama party in the living room with flashlights, a blanket fort, and snacks mom wouldn't have wanted you to indulge in after bedtime.

22. Enjoy an indoor picnic.

Lay down a blanket, pop open some wine or cider, and dine near the fireplace.

23. Try out an escape room.

Find an escape room near you or find an online escape room to play from home, and work together to make it out! Celebrate your escape (or replay your errors!) afterward with a meal.

24. Attend a murder mystery dinner.

Make new friends and test your Sherlock skills together.

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25. Make a big kids' dinner.

Bust out the macaroni and cheese, tater tots, chicken nuggets, and all the other kid-friendly favorites you still love today (whether you make them more grownup versions or not is up to you). Top it all off with throwback desserts like Dunkaroos, Gushers and more.

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26. Race on indoor go-karts.

Circular arguments aren't fun, but looping around a race track? Blissful.

27. Try your hand at an indoor obstacle course.

Work together and challenge yourselves at an indoor obstacle course.

28. Make the ascent with indoor rock climbing.

If scaling a mountain is too scary (we feel you!), indoor rock climbing is a great way to have fun and test out the sport for beginners.

29. Make beautiful music together.

Take a music lesson together to learn a new instrument. Already maestros? Jam out together in the garage!

30. Take a workout class together.

Break a sweat together in a PG way (and enjoy the endorphins that come with it).

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31. Do couples' yoga.

Stretch out, relax, and get healthy at the same time with a couples' yoga class. One caveat: If you're vastly different heights (think a foot or more), you may just want to take a regular yoga class together, or else certain moves may be tricky for beginners to do in tandem.

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32. Try out meditation together.

Clear your minds together with meditation. Check out these meditation apps that can help you quiet your brain.

33. Indulge in breakfast or brunch.

Whether or not you have it in bed is up to you, but indulging in a hot breakfast together, be it oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, or grits, is a great way to start the day—or to cap it off with breakfast for dinner.

34. Go on a cupcake crawl.

Taste-test the best cupcakes (or donuts, or cake pops, or cookies) in your area. You may find a favorite go-to dessert spot!

35. Try your hand at ice fishing.

Live near a lake? Show just what a great catch you are with an ice fishing trip. Just be sure to check the weather and your local rules and regulations first!

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36. Enjoy a night out at the theater.

Movies and binge-watching TV are great, but there are few rushes as great as watching a fantastic live theater performance—and chances are you can catch a great local show without having to pay Hamilton prices.

37. Watch a ballet performance.

Whether it's a performance of The NutcrackerSwan Lake, or a local original, getting gussied up and taking in some talented dancers is a real treat.

38. Take dance lessons together.

Whether you watch YouTube tutorials or hit up a studio, taking dance lessons together is a great way to bond (and you'll be able to show off your skills at the next party).

39. Take in a hockey game.

Athleticism, competition, and let's be real, fights—a local hockey game can be a truly exciting night out.

40. Watch a football game.

You can stay in on a Sunday or Monday or go out to a local game on a Friday or Saturday night. Bring blankets (if allowed) and don't forget to cheer.

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41. Hit up a flea market or antique store.

Not only is it fun to discover new-to-you (and often one-of-a-kind) finds, you also may be able to sell some of the clutter you discovered while Konmari-ing your house.

42. Laugh it up at a comedy club.

If you're really brave, sit up front!

43. Get all ooey-gooey with fondue.

Go to a fondue eatery or whip up your own cheesy, chocolatey goodness at home for dipping.

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44. Go to a drive-in movie.

Find a drive-in near you and bring a blanket and snacks!

45. Do puzzles together.

For extra bonus points, put together a puzzle that's a photo of you!

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46. Play in the snow!

From sledding to snow forts, snowball fights, snowmen and snow angels, let your inner child thrive in winter's white stuff.

47. Go ice skating.

Lace up and cut up the ice to your heart's content (be sure to hold hands, too!).

48. Up the ante of your back-and-forth with ping pong.

Ping pong is perfect for winter: It's competitive, fun, and challenging, but you can play right in your living room without worrying about breaking a window!

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49. Level up with an arcade night.

Whether you hit up Dave and Busters, Barcade, Yestercade or another local option, there is something magical about playing video games in an arcade cabinet that evokes a ton of nostalgia. You can also get the full experience at home—though you'll need quite a bit of space and spare cash!

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50. Have a board game night!

Challenge each other to classics like checkers, Scrabble and chess.

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51. Try out winter sports.

Take lessons to learn how to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, snowshoe or even curl!

52. Show your smarts at trivia night.

Find a trivia night near you—some are themed, some are general, but they're all so much fun. You could even have your own at home!

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53. Bounce around at a trampoline park.

You'll feel like a kid again (and get some exercise to boot).

54. Beat the winter blues at a brewery.

Sip some local brews while you bond.

55. Sip it up at a winery.

Wine tastings are huge, and you can even do some online if it's just too chilly to go out.

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56. Go to a book reading or club together.

You can hit up local bookstores or the library. Pick out books for one another and get to know each other through literature!

57. Take a cake decorating class.

Some of us (ahem) can bake something delicious, but so very ugly. Remedy that with a cake decorating class and get ready to impress your friends with your creations.

58. Go to a record store together.

There's something magical about browsing through vinyl, and you'll have a lot to talk about based on your picks.

59. Go camping!

Find a campsite near you or just snuggle in a sleeping bag or tent in your living room or yard.

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60. Practice photography.

Snap some Polaroids together of your favorite things (including each other).

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61. Draw each other.

You don't need to be artistically gifted to draw a portrait of someone you adore—and you'll see yourselves and each other in entirely new ways.

62. Go see Christmas light displays.

Hit up Christmas light displays near you to capture some holiday magic and brighten dark winter nights.

63. Visit an outdoor market.

You'll get some fresh air, support local businesses and feel festive at the same time.

64. Make your own pizza.

Make your own dough (or buy some pre-made) and get to work on tossing, saucing and seasoning together.

65. People-watch at a park.

Sit on the swings or a bench and observe!

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66. Get your thrills at an amusement park.

Amusement parks have much shorter lines during the winter, so if there's one open near you, jump at the chance to ride some roller coasters without a wait.

67. Go indoor skydiving.

It may be too brisk to skydive outdoors, but the weather is always perfect for indoor skydiving (especially if you're not necessarily a fan of heights).

68. Go for a walk on the beach.

The beach is quiet but beautiful in the winter. If there's an open beach near you, bundle up and go for a walk and watch the waves.

69. Go to an indoor water park.

Hit up water slides, swim-up bars and more without flying to the tropics with a trip to an indoor water park.

70. Have a blackout night.

No, we're not talking about passing out and losing time from too much booze—we're talking no electronics. Pretend your power is out and order takeout (you can cheat and do this before technically unplugging), cuddle under a blanket, and read or chat by candlelight.

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71. Go on a scavenger hunt.

If you're into full-on geocaching or just want to leave each other clues around the house for fun, a scavenger hunt is a great way to spend a few hours.

72. Indulge in a spa night.

Pamper yourselves with masks, massages, and more, whether it's at home or at a nearby spa.

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73. Go on a food truck hop.

Bundle up and bounce from food truck to food truck to enjoy the best your city has to offer, from dinner to dessert.

74. Visit a museum.

Art, nature and history are timeless, and they're a fun way to spend a night that's too cold to traipse around outdoors.

75. Take a pottery class.

C'mon, we've all seen Ghost.

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