This Week's "House Of The Dragon" Was The Best One Yet — Here's Every Thought I Had While Watching It

1. Oh no, Lord Corlys!

2. I swear, if the Sea Snake just dies off screen, I'm gonna be mad.

3. "My grandmother seems quite comfortable here." Not gonna lie, Rhaenys does look like a BOSS on that throne.

4. Vaemond has sneakily been the most outspoken about Rhaenyra's children these past two episodes. He's giving Alicent a run for her money.

5. Random fact we learned this week: Dragons lay eggs in gross, slimy clutches.

6. Ooooh, the way Daemon repeated "three eggs" makes me think these MIGHT be the three eggs that Daenerys eventually receives! There was just a little too much emphasis on there being three of them, ya know?

7. At least Jace seems like a good kid.

8. So Rhaenys fully believes that Daemon and Rhaenyra murdered Laenor, but the Velaryons haven't done anything about it? I would be waging war for sure if I had lost my daughter to childbirth and my son to freakin' MURDER because of the same family within a week of each other.

9. Oh buddy, and you best believe I'd be mad if I was Rhaenyra and I showed up to the Red Keep and all my house sigils were replaced with religious symbols.

10. So all of this means that Viserys must still be alive. I'm dreading seeing what kind of condition the poor man is in.

11. Alicent with strong Cersei vibes in her new queen outfit.

12. Is that Jason Lannister on the small council? That might be the worst thing Alicent's done so far.

13. Okay, I needed to turn on subtitles in order to get what's going on here:

Alicent mistaking Erryk for Arryk

14. Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk Cargyll are twins, and for some unholy reason their parents named them Arryk and Erryk.

15. Low-key hilarious joke there that he corrects her.

16. Oh god, the cobwebs on the model city is already making me sad.

17. Poor Viserys.

18. The joy he has at seeing his grandsons, I'm sobbing.

19. And he's still well enough to make a joke!

20. Okay, and THIS scene is ALSO incredibly upsetting.

21. This is where we are, Alicent? You're covering up for your rapist son?

22. What's really incredible about the way Olivia Cooke is playing Alicent: You can see how she hates what she's having to do, but she's always either trapped by the constraints of royalty (as is the case in this scene) or she really believes that what she's doing is right (as is the case in giving so much milk of the poppy to Viserys).

23. She's just an incredible actor. Everyone in this show is amazing, but she's really standing out to me.

24. So every time there's a time jump, we're going to be re-introduced to Aegon by way of his naked butt.

25. He sucks even worse now. Didn't think it was possible, but here we are.

26. "In blinks and wheezes?" I love how they've made Daemon so obnoxious and yet one of the most reasonable, honest characters, in a way. He's blunt and rude, but he's usually not wrong.

Jace and Luc watching Aemond fight with fake dialogue of them saying "shit we made him look cool as hell"

27. Aemond is still a prick, but dammit, he's wearing that eye patch like a pro.


29. Rhaenyra giving Rhaenys the same marriage offer that Alicent SHOULD HAVE taken years ago.

30. It's so painful watching poor Viserys. I'm at the point where I'm sincerely hoping he dies in this episode so the man isn't in pain anymore.

31. "What do you know of Velaryon blood, princess? I could cut my veins and show it to you, and you still wouldn't recognize it." That is COLD!

32. Seriously, Vaemond is finding every possible way to insinuate that they're bastards without saying that they're bastards.

33. VISERYS!!!!

34. Walking in like a fucking BOSS.

35. Goddamn, actually his mask looks pretty cool.

36. Literally, I feel like standing up and applauding.

37. Daemon helping him! 😭

Viserys on the throne with fake dialogue that says "I must admit my confusion about why you all continue to be such a bunch of cockwaffles"

38. See, Alicent? Rhaenys knows a good deal when she sees it.

39. Good lord Vaemond, let it go!

40. Blood this, blood that.

41. Ooh, he's getting close.


43. Oh my god, he said it.

44. OH FUCK!

45. The string of expletives that just left my mouth!

46. "You can keep his tongue." GOD DAMN, DAEMON.

47. Is it me, or are people just allowed to murder people at court with no consequences in this show?

48. I wonder what happened to that other kid who dueled that dude when they were courting Rhaenyra?

49. I'm just saying there are a lot of swords coming out in this throne room. Between these incidents and the kids/Aemond's eye, the Kingsguard is truly useless.

50. At least Viserys gets his dinner.

51. Yep, Aegon is absolutely still the worst.

52. Oh my god, Viserys's face!

53. Like, I figured it would be bad, but that's really bad. He must be in immense pain just to be at this dinner right now. That's so heartbreaking.

54. Thank goodness for Rhaenyra and Alicent actually seeming to make amends. Like, that felt sincere.

55. Good for Jace for fighting the urge to knock Aegon out and making a toast as well. He'd actually make a great king.

56. Helaena is still my favorite and I feel so bad for her that she's stuck with the Targaryen equivalent of Joffrey Baratheon.

57. Viserys got everything he wanted, even if only for a bit. I'm literally crying here seeing him watching his family getting along.

58. Thank goodness he's leaving the room before whatever nonsense is about to happen, because you KNOW there's going to be some nonsense.

59. Of course it's Aemond who starts it.

60. These poor boys. Jace and Luc just want to do their duty and not be reminded all the time that they're bastards.

61. Once again, thank goodness Alicent and Rhaenyra seem to have actually forgiven each other.

62. To be fair to Aemond, I would also be annoyed if I'd lost an eye and there were no consequences, but he DID start the fight and was about an inch from murder.

63. Oh no, Viserys.

64. He thinks she's Rhaenyra...


66. Oh my god, what a horrible way to start this whole war.

67. All on a misunderstanding.

68. And all for a prophecy that doesn't even end up doing anything.

69. Viserys. 😭

70. It's so frustrating that this poor man just tried to do everything right, and even in his dying moments, he managed to accidentally fuck EVERYTHING up.

71. I truly hope he died thinking his family was healed.

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