From 'That '70s Show' to Millions! Mila Kunis’ Net Worth in 2022 Could Make Her the ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’

Since she's graced our screens since she was 14 years old, Mila Kunis' net worth reflects decades of hard work.

Not only has she made her mark in television with That '70s Show and Family Guy, but she has also transitioned into movies, like the critically acclaimed Black Swan and beloved rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Throw in a couple of high-profile relationships and you’ll see why Kunis is constantly in the spotlight. This star has gone from refugee to millionaire, building an impressive resume—and bank account—along the way!

Here is everything you’d ever wondered about Mila Kunis’ net worth.

How did Mila Kunis get famous?

Mila Kunis began her acting career at the age of 9 when she landed a role in a Barbie commercial off of her first audition. She followed that up with other commercial appearances and eventual guest starring roles on TV shows like Days of our Lives; Baywatch; and Walker, Texas Ranger to name a few. Kunis also appeared in the films Santa with Muscles; Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves and Gia, as the young Gia Carangi—a role she shared with Angelina Jolie, who won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the doomed supermodel as an adult.

However, it wasn’t until she was cast as Jackie Burkhart, one of the six teenage leads in 1998’s That ‘70s Show that Kunis became a household name. The young actress was only 14 when she landed the role that would put her opposite her future husband, Ashton Kutcher, with whom she shared her first kiss. From there, the following year she landed the role as the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy, replacing original voice actress Lacey Chabert.

Kunis’ transition to movie roles wasn’t quite so seamless. She appeared in the 2001 teen movie Get Over It in a small role opposite Kirsten Dunst. The following year, she starred opposite William Shatner in the critically panned straight-to-video sequel, American Psycho 2. A bunch of appearances in forgettable movies followed until her breakthrough film role in 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall as the new love interest for Jason Segel’s lead character. Ever since, Kunis has been able to find steady film work, like a notable supporting role in 2010’s Black Swan, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe.

What is Mila Kunis’ net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mila Kunis currently has a reported net worth of $75 million. She has made this money through her TV appearances, movie roles, and endorsement deals. That Family Guy money just keeps rolling in!

Who is richer: Ashton Kutcher or Mila Kunis?

Mila Kunis is famously married to her former That ‘70s Show love interest — and current That ‘90s Show costar—Ashton Kutcher. Naturally, that leads to some comparisons between the two. If you were wondering which one of the couple is worth more, well, you’re in luck. Ashton Kutcher has a reported net worth of $200 million whereas his wife, Mila Kunis has a reported net worth of $75 million. Let’s hope the two aren’t competitive!

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What is Mila Kunis' salary?

Mila Kunis’ salary can vary from project to project, depending on a number of factors like budgets and her star power at the time. However, it has been reported that Kunis earns around $9 million per movie and $150,000 per TV episode that she appears in. With paychecks like those, she should be catching up to Ashton’s net worth in no time!

How much does Mila Kunis make per movie?

Mila Kunis has managed to earn some considerable star power during her career. As a result, it has been reported that Kunis earns as much as $9 million per movie, though that amount is dependent on some outside factors and can vary from project to project.

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How much does Mila Kunis make per episode?

Having two hit shows under her belt, That ‘70s Show and Family Guy, Mila Kunis should be able to negotiate a pretty penny for her tv appearances. It has been estimated that she earns around $150,000 per episode of television that she appears in. However, this may not be accurate considering each project can vary depending on the network and the budget, as well as the size of her role in a particular episode or season.

Why did Mila Kunis join Family Guy?

Mila Kunis joined Family Guy as the voice of Meg Griffin starting with the show’s second season when Kunis was 15. Kunis was a replacement for Mean Girls actress Lacey Chabert, who voiced the character for the show’s first season. Chabert reportedly left the show as her schedule was already too busy with filming the TV series Party of Five and her schooling at the time to fit in another commitment.

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How much did Mila Kunis make from Family Guy?

Mila Kunis is still appearing on Family Guy as the show’s 21st season recently began airing. She was reportedly earning around $175,000 to $225,000 per episode as recently as 2015, so that number could be larger today. Considering each season consists of around 20 episodes, that equates to around $3.5 million to $4.5 million each year—and that’s before counting royalties from syndication and DVD/digital sales. With Kunis appearing in 20 out of the 21 seasons, she has definitely been able to rake in tens of millions of dollars from the series at this point. Meg Griffin’s not looking so depressing now, is she?

How long did Mila Kunis do Family Guy?

Mila Kunis is still appearing in Family Guy; the 21st season premiered in September 2022. Kunis joined the series in the second season in 1999 and has been one of the regular cast members ever since, except for the time during the show’s brief cancellation in 2002 before its revival due to DVD sales in 2005.

How much did Mila Kunis make from That '70s Show?

It is not known how much Mila Kunis was paid for her star-making role in all eight seasons of That ‘70s Show. It is known that both Kunis’ husband and series star Topher Grace were making $250,000 to $300,000 per episode by the show’s seventh season. However, Grace was the show’s lead with a mild film career and Kutcher already had made a name for himself with projects like Dude, Where’s My Car? and his MTV prank series Punk’d, so it’s likely Kunis was not able to negotiate the same type of deal for herself.

Even so, it has been said by the end of the series Kunis was earning between $80,000 and $100,000 per episode. Considering the show aired 200 episodes in total, that means Kunis was most likely able to earn around $16 million for her eight years on the show, not counting money earned through royalties.

In addition, Kunis will be reprising her role in the upcoming spinoff series That '90s Show, alongside most of the original cast. It's the role that keeps on paying... err... giving!

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How much did Mila Kunis make from Ted?

Mila Kunis played the female lead in 2012’s Ted, written and directed by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane (wonder how she got the role…). It is not known exactly how much Kunis was paid for the role. But considering she was reportedly paid $6 million to appear in Friends With Benefits the year before, we can assume her salary was in that same range for the movie.

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How much did Mila Kunis make from Black Swan?

Mila Kunis’ role in Black Swan earned her a Golden Globe nomination and more credibility as an adult actress. However, how much money did it earn her? It has not been publicly reported how much Kunis was paid for the 2010 film, but we do know she was reportedly paid $6 million to appear in Friends With Benefits the following year. Considering the fact that Black Swan was more of an arthouse movie than commercial with a reported budget of $13 million, plus the fact that this movie gave Kunis the boost in her career that allowed her to ask for more money for subsequent projects, we can imagine her salary was in the high hundred thousands to low millions.

How much did Mila Kunis make from Jupiter Ascending?

Mila Kunis played the lead role in the $176 million budget box office and critical failure Jupiter Ascending from The Wachowski sisters. Considering the high budget and expectations for the film, Kunis pulled in a pretty penny for the role, reportedly making $9 million for her appearance. With a payday like that, who cares if it wasn't great?

How much did Mila Kunis make from Bad Moms?

Mila Kunis played one of the lead roles in the 2016 movie Bad Moms and its sequel, 2017’s A Bad Moms Christmas alongside Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn. It has been reported that Kunis was paid $5 million for her role in the first movie. We can imagine she was most likely paid a comparable amount, if not a bit more, for the sequel.

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How much did Mila Kunis donate?

As someone who came to this country as a refugee from the Soviet Union, whose parents only had $250 to their names at the time, Mila Kunis understands what it’s like to struggle. As a result, she and her husband Ashton Kutcher have been known to champion causes, charities, and those in need. Recently, the couple raised over $34 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The couple also matched $3 million in donations. Kunis herself was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine back when it was part of the Soviet Union.

This was not the first charitable initiative from the couple, who also launched charity wine back in 2020 to benefit those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that raised around a million dollars basically overnight.

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