7 Ways Your Beauty Products Can Do Double Duty

·Editor in Chief

You don’t need a product for every beauty need. Instead, try using your everyday essentials in new ways. You’ll have a lighter makeup bag, and you might like the new approach better.  Here are 7 fresh ways to make your beauty favorites do double duty:

Moisturizer as hair serum: Place a pea-sized amount of your favorite cream moisturizer on your palms.  Run your hands over your hair to smooth flyways and keep hair in check.

Lip balm for cuticles: A great fix for dry, cracked cuticles, lip balm protects and seals in moisture.

Lip tint as blush: A sheer lipstain is the best lip formula to use on your cheeks. Just dab the color with your fingers and blend into cheekbones. If your skin is really dry, add a little moisturizer on top to help blend.

Eyeshadow as liner and brow filler: If you have darker brows, this is an easy one. An espresso or chocolate brown liner often works with brows, as liner, and as an intense shadow. If you have lighter brows, it may work better to just use shadow on brows and lids.

Shimmer blush as eyeshadow: A pretty pale pink shimmer brick looks gorgeous as eyeshadow. Just pair it with liner and mascara to make your eyes pop.

Lip gloss as highlighter: Most highlighters have shimmer in them, but another way to catch light is with clear gloss. After you’ve finished applying your makeup, put a very small amount on the top of the cheekbones. Another trend that I have been seeing on fashion show runways is to put sheer gloss on eyelids.

Shimmer eyeshadow as highlighter: A pale pink or champagne shadow looks beautiful on top of your cheekbones. It should be the last step after you’ve applied your makeup. You can apply with your fingers and blend.


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