7 Ways to Repurpose Empty Glass Jars, According to Pros

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The next time you empty a glass jar of pasta sauce, you may wish to think twice before tossing it into the recycling bin—there are many creative ways to repurpose empty glass jars to add function to your home without spending a penny in the process.

We spoke with three professional organizers and asked them to share some of their favorite ways to reuse glass jars, and they provided plenty of excellent suggestions for all rooms of the home. Whether you're craving a bit of extra organization in the bathroom, home office, or kitchen, their tips are sure to have you feeling inspired and ready to get your home into tip-top shape.

Here are seven ways to reuse glass jars.

Meet the Experts

Desk Organizers

Stop allowing clutter to overwhelm your desk space and distract you during the work day. Instead, keep your home office or cubicle looking nice and tidy by turning empty glass jars into organizers that can house everything from pens and markers to paperclips.

"The clear glass allows for visibility, making it simple to locate and retrieve items when needed," Eryn Donaldson, a professional organizer and the founder of The Model Home, says.

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Annie Beauregard / Getty Images

Craft Supply Storage

On a related note, glass jars are also excellent receptacles for craft supplies.

"Organize craft supplies into different jars based on categories, such as buttons, beads, or ribbons," Donaldson says.

She also recommends labeling each jar for further clarity. Following these steps will result in a craft space that's equal parts functional and visually appealing, the organizer notes. Quickly putting all of your materials away at the end of a busy day of crafts will become much easier as well.

Bathroom Canisters

There's no need to spend money on plastic bathroom canisters at the store when you can use empty glass jars that you already have on hand to fulfill the same purpose.

Angela Mai, a professional organizer and the founder of Organized Calm, recommends using glass jars to house everyday essentials including toothbrushes, cotton balls, and makeup brushes.

"They would look cute on a bathroom countertop," she says. You could also fill empty glass jars with bath salts, Q-tips, razors, floss picks, and much more.

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Hardware Container

If you have lots of screws and nails on hand in the garage or inside of a supply closet, Mai suggests keeping them nice and organized—and sorted by category and size—with the help of some glass jars. Again, labels may come in handy in order to fully identify the materials inside each jar.

A Vessel for Notes

Of course, glass jars don't have to serve purely functional purposes. You can use them to get a bit creative with family routines and rituals as well.

Layne Brookshire, a professional organizer and the founder of Ms. Placed Professional Organizing, likes the concept of repurposing an empty glass jar as a gratitude jar.

"Take small pieces of paper and write something you are grateful for each day and drop it in the jar as a family," she says. Similarly, a glass jar could also be used to assign chores to each member of the household, the organizer adds.


There are many different ways to repurpose glass jars in order to bring new green friends into your home. Brookshire notes that of course glass jars can be used as vases, but they can also become indoor succulent planters—just add rocks to the bottom for drainage. They can also transformed into terrariums or DIY herb gardens.

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istetiana / Getty Images

Utensil Holder

Last but not least, there's nothing wrong with using glass jars in the room they originated in—the kitchen. Brookshire suggests turning an empty glass jar into a utensil holder. Best of all, such jars are easy to rinse out periodically and can even be popped into the dishwasher.

Feel free to add some cute labels to give the jars extra character. This way, if you have any guests over for dinner, they'll be able to navigate better for what they're looking for.

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