7 Things That Might Happen if You Stop Drinking for a Month

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All the holiday parties and end-of-the-year chaos are behind us. January is a clean slate, which means there’s no better time for a detox. Here, seven things that might happen if you stop drinking for a month.

1. You might sleep better

While a glass of wine before bed may help you fall asleep faster, you’re not alone if you’ve ever spent a post-drinking night tossing and turning. Here’s why: Alcohol heightens alpha-wave patterns during sleep, which prevents brain restoration and makes you wake up feeling, at best, unrested and, and at worst, crazy hungover.

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2. You'll probably lose weight

Everybody knows alcohol is calorie-packed. (A margarita has 120 calories, guys.) But did you know that it also has more calories per gram than proteins and carbohydrates? Or that giving it up will decreases liver fat and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, making you less prone to heart disease and diabetes?

3. You'll be cheerier

Sure, a few beers may make you feel relaxed and happy in the moment, but alcohol is, by its very nature, a depressant. When you drink it, you stimulate your body to produce stress hormones. Cut it out of your diet, and you’ll be more cheerful, more lively and more motivated to do the things that’ll make you happy in the long run (like cleaning the bathtub).

4. Your willpower may improve

One victory leads to another, and once you cut the booze, other challenges that seem daunting may feel more easily achievable. Whether it’s deciding to give up processed foods or hitting up the gym on a regular basis, once-hard lifestyle changes might become NBD.

5. You'll have a dewy glow

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating. (It reduces the body's production of the diuretic hormone that helps it absorb water.) And dehydrated people rarely have lovely complexions. So, after just a few drinkless days, you may notice your once-dry or eczema-prone skin becoming more moisturized and glowing.

6. You might lose friends

You know Boozy Betsy, who can always be counted on to order another round? She might mistake your personal choice for a criticism of her lifestyle. Make it clear to her that it’s not, but if she still feels uncomfortable, let her be--she’ll come back around when she realizes you’re still fun sober.

7. You'll definitely save some money

That glass of Riesling costs $11. That is all.