7 Swimsuit Brands That Are Specifically Designed to Fit Long Torsos

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Bathing suits are right up there as the number one most frustrating item to shop for (alongside jeans and bras). There’s just so much to consider for an item that symbolizes carefree days by the beach or pool. For women who have both a long torso and the specific desire to wear a one-piece, you’ve got yourself quite a tall order (no pun intended).

Straps dig into your shoulders, the back rides up to give everyone a view, the fabric flattens your boobs entirely and don’t even get us started on the crotch situation (helloooo, camel toe!).

But just as brands are waking up to the need to adopt sustainable practices, they’re also working on extending their size ranges to fit larger and longer bodies (because, no, simply adding adjustable straps does not instantly transform a suit into one that’s long-torso-friendly). If you’re in need of a cute one-piece bathing suit for your longer trunk, here are seven brands with options that are designed and cut to specifically flatter you. Hallelujah!

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ASOS is one of the most size-inclusive retailers out there, with dedicated designs for ladies who are petite, plus-size, pregnant and—you guessed it—tall. While the ASOS Tall collection is designed for women 5’10” and above, shorter gals with lengthy middles can wear these styles just the same.

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Long Tall Sally

It should come as no surprise that a brand entirely dedicated to creating clothing for women 5’8’ and taller would include one-piece swimsuits in its lineup. Because the fit experts at Long Tall Sally work solely with long silhouettes, you know the technical construction and the placement of the adorable pattern will be just right.

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It’s a tale as old as time: You go to Target for batteries and a new planner and leave with an adorable new swimsuit (or three). Target’s two in-house brands, Shade & Shore and Kona Sol, offer trendy prints, flirty frills and sexy cutouts that aren’t just stretched to fit your lengthy middle, but redesigned to actually hit where they will be the most flattering. So instead of a cutout floating somewhere around your armpit, it actually sits where it should (which is at your waist) where it will do more to create a slimming effect.

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Left On Friday

This new brand is all about combining premium quality swimwear with an active lifestyle, because nothing should stop you from playing a round of beach volleyball or teaching your kids how to swim—all while dressed in a chic, classic maillot. Right now the only one-piece available in long lengths is the brand’s most-popular Sunday Suit, but the Left On Friday founders have seen such an overwhelmingly positive result, they assured PureWow that there will be more tall styles to come.

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Andie Swim

We love Andie for its wide range of long-lasting suits in a host of fun and flattering colors. So we were super excited to hear the brand is branching into sizing specifically for ladies with longer upper bodies. As for now, the selection of tall swimsuits is limited to the core classic one-pieces (like the sporty Baywatch-esque “Ibiza” style or the sexy cross-back “Tulum”), but keep an eye out for upcoming releases as Andie continues to offer more extended sizing.

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Fun fact: 95 percent of women don’t fit squarely into any one body type or shape and are, in fact, a combination of many. So if you’re part of the long-torso, plus-size combination group, the brand Longitude is your best bet. The brightly-colored suits all go up to a size 24 and are designed to give your chest all the support it needs for an active day at the pool or on the sand.

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Yes, there are indeed strapless styles that work for lengthy midsections. (And, no, you won’t have to spend any time worrying that your boobs might pop out because the fabric is pulling and stretching to cover them.) Better yet, Miraclesuit’s swimwear is all made from the brand’s original innovative fabric Miratex, which works like traditional shapewear to shape and support your curves without any itchy linings or pointy underwires. Yeah, it truly is a miracle.

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