7 Reasons to Do All Your Holiday Shopping at Casper's New Rest Stop Hub

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We've long loved Casper for their mattresses, especially when it comes to their ease of purchase, ability to test-drive and general comfort level. So, when we learned of their mattress enhancements, hybrid collections and their line of lighting (we’re looking at you, Glow Light), our excitement went through the roof. However, it looks like now we have yet another reason to catch some Zzzs, and it’s all thanks to the company’s new Rest Stop Hub.

The Casper Rest Stop is a digital pop-up shop offering limited-edition, cozy products to help you “feel good and do good.” Yup, we’re talking T-shirts, coffee mugs, eye masks, sweatshirts and more. The best part? Twenty percent of your purchase will be donated to Win, the largest provider of family shelters in NYC.

The new select products are available for a limited time only and unfortunately do not include brand favorites such as mattresses and bedding—so, you’ll have to head to Casper’s main website for those products.

Without further ado, here are seven of our favorite items from Casper’s Rest Stop.

1. California King Sweatshirt

It’s no longer just a mattress size.

Buy it ($48)

2. 'Do Not Disturb' Socks

A mood.

Buy it ($19)

3. Sleepy Mug

For the days when we don’t get enough.

Buy it ($17)

4. Head In The Clouds Hat

For those days when you're not in the mood to wear a beanie.

Buy it ($28)

5. 'Drink More Water' Bottle

We could all use a reminder.

Buy it ($21)

6. Nap Onesie

These days we could all use an extra nap.

Buy it ($17)

7. Dog Hoodie

Your four-legged best friend deserves to be comfortable too.

Buy it ($37)


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