7 Real People's Instagrams That Will Make You Want to Travel Right Now

Nothing gives us #TravelEnvy more than Instagram. Is it the place? Is it the filter? Is it the photographer? It’s probably a combination of all three. What we know is that certain Instagram accounts almost always make us want to hop on a plane — now!

A lot of these folks are travel bloggers or photographers, but we still categorize them as “real” folk, since they aren’t with a fancy travel magazine or television network.

Here are a few of the Instagram feeds we hit up when we want to be transported anywhere but our office.


Instagram: @everythingeverywhere​ 

Why we love it: Gary Arndt is never in one place for very long. This nomad has been in 160 countries on seven continents, but you can enjoy his travels without leaving your couch.


Instagram: @legalnomads

Why we love it: No one takes a picture of a narrow village road like this former lawyer. And forget about what she can do with food. We’re hungry.



Why we love it: Dave and Deb have been married for 16 years and traveling the majority of that time. Their hypercolored pics of all seven continents will make you salivate (or cash in your frequent flier miles).


Instagram: @onemileatatime​

Why we love it: Ben Schlappig is just 24 years old, but he travels more than 300,000 miles a year. His pictures of luxurious hotel beds make us want to take a very long, very fancy nap.



Why we love it: James Clark loves coffee and global markets and motorbikes almost as much as we do. He is always on the go and rarely in the same place twice. We love how he captures both the real and the romantic side of traveling.


Instagram: @justtravelous​ 

Why we love it: Yvonne’s blog is in German, but you don’t need to translate anything in her Instagrams. From the desert to the mountains, these pics make us want to get going.


Instagram: @travelsofadam

Why we love it: Adam cracks us up. This travel blogger quit his job as a graphic designer in 2010 to travel around the world for 15 months. Now he is parked in world hipster capital Berlin. He loves food and beer almost as much as we do, and he also has a great eye for design.

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