7 Perfume Brands Changing the Fragrance World

In the vast beauty world, fragrances get a bad rap. They’re reminiscent of aggressive department-store salespeople foisting scented sticks of paper on you, or a great-aunt who went a couple of hundred spritzes overboard. It can seem like most beauty junkies care far more about the latest highlighter or Kylie Lip Kit than a good fragrance. But, that is, at least in part, because truly special fragrances can be hard to come by. 

For your next signature scent, might we suggest you skip the department store altogether and check out these seven brands. Each one was chosen for the way it brings something different to the category. From handpicked ingredients to a completely “ungendered” concept, these brands make up the new generation of fragrance. Even if you’ve never been a perfume person, there’s something amazing you will love from at least one of these special brands.

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