7 New Rules For A Healthier You

Amidst the New Year's onslaught of complicated diet tricks and body-hacking workouts, The New Health Rules, out January 6, provides a breath of fresh air. Instead of all-or-nothing lifestyle changes, author Frank Lipman, MD, (he's the founder of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center) offers simple, creative tips that add up to a healthier you. Don't want to adhere to all the advice offered? That's fine — Lipman suggests trying out what sounds appealing and leaving the rest for another time. Click through for 7 life-changing suggestions, and find over 100 more in The New Health Rules.

All excerpts from The New Health Rules by Frank Lipman, M.D. and Danielle Claro (Artisan Books). ©2014. Photographs by Gentl & Hyers.